Malice-Corp: YouTube or BUST!

GREETINGS TO ALL FROM MALICE-CORP.COM.  Well my fellow nerds Malice-Corp and more specifically *I* have taken the YouTube plunge.  We have our first video offering from  With yours truly sticking his foot out there to make our first Video content.  I cover some of the topics I from my second Raspberry Pi article and official first tutorial on the Pi.  It is a companion piece as we can say to the article.

Please check out the video; like and subscribe if you feel so inclined.  You can watch the video below or head over to our new YouTube Channel; by clicking HERE. The production values will improve with each added bit of support, so share us on Facebook and Twitter down below.  Please take the time to comment below here or on the YouTube video if you have something you would like to talk about.  Maybe you have some helpful hints you would like to share, or just want to make fun of my voice?

Malice-Corp’s First YouTube Video:


You can also support us by doing your normal amazon shopping through one of our Amazon affiliate links.

One final piece to note there is a request for me to do these tutorials in the future after I have had a few Smithwick’s.  So there is that. Cheers.

Jack Malice, Contributor and founder

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