XCOM 2 – Lost Gem?

Greetings to all from Malice-Corp.com and lets talk about XCOM 2

Well I decided to dig out XCOM 2 tonight and play a little.  XCOM 2 if  you are not familiar is a turned based strategy game form Firaxis Games.  It was released February 2016.  I personally love the game and give it a solid 4 out 5, but what I love about maybe what held it back from even greater success.  The game can be long and take a long time to develop into the later parts of the story and to be honest can be very repetitive.  XCOM 2 also has the distinct issue of being hard, on even on the easier difficulties can be completely unforgiving to strategic mistakes and on the harder setting almost impossible even without making mistakes, but trust me you are going to leave that trooper out there out of cover and the Aliens are gonna get ’em.  There is always the possibility of losing a trooper and they are gone, dead.  Tossing all the effort you put into them along with the attachment you can build up for them if you took the time to customize them and write in a back story for them.  You can see them again if you saved them to the wonderful feature of the “Character Pool” that lets you see them again next time you restart a campaign.

XCOM 2 still has a strong “Modding” community and avid fans, especially since it was released with built in ‘Modding” support, but really what it boils down to is the games inherit difficulty and mild repetitiveness I think killed the game for the average casual player.  Like I said these features are what made me love the game, but that seems to be a death nail for modern games.

With the exciting news of the “Long War 2” mod having been release by Pavonis Interactive back on 26 February, 2017, I have high hopes for more DLC from Firaxis and maybe another sequel in the future.  Maybe even better more great free content like “Long War 2”.  Yes I said this mod is free and it add some great game play and features.  I am looking forward to giving it a go and giving out my impressions later.  The “Long War 2” mod is available from both the steam work shop or the nexus.

My attempts are view able over on my twitch page.  I will say I seem to have lost my touch for the game.  Please feel free to take a look so you can come back and troll me on it.  Was hoping to brush up a bit for I give it a go in the Long War 2 mod.

Have an opinion on XCOM 2 post a comment below or if you have never played the game I added a link below to pick it up from Amazon and help support www.malice-corp.com.

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One thought on “XCOM 2 – Lost Gem?

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    March 5, 2017 at 9:50 am

    I tried out Long War 2 shortly after its release, and it definitely adds a whole new level of challenge to XCOM 2, although with it being fairly new it leaves a bit of balance to be desired. The mission timers are very strict on the larger maps, although with some adjustment to strategy they are workable. The shot percentages can get a little ridiculous though. I had instances where despite standing nearly beside an enemy, I still had a less than 25% hit chance. It felt a little off, and snipers felt virtually useless most of the time. The new “infiltration” system, for accepting and setting up missions, feels a little impossible at times as well. There’s no way to possible accept every mission, and eventually the Dark Events (penalties for skipping missions) start to build up and give the enemies a whole stack of advantages.

    But that being said, Long War 2 does give the game a refreshing new challenge for those who have beat the game on the harder difficulties already. The new classes are awesome (sword ninjas!), and the new mechanics really keep you busy. Its worth a try for sure, although I think personally I’ll be setting it aside until its gotten a few more updates.


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