X-Men News: The Gifted Trailer and Dark Phoenix Casting Rumor

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The X-Men news train keeps on rolling. Last week we got confirmation for two characters in the New Mutants movie. 20th Century Fox has seen that people are still enamored with the film franchise, and are rabid for anything they can get. With that being the case we got two more big news drops. One about the T.V. show The Gifted, and casting for Dark Phoenix.

The Gifted trailer

Last week we started getting the news for all the shows that the networks would be cancelling. With that news comes all the new shows that will be filling old spots, one of these being The Gifted. A show that takes place within the X-Men universe but not about the X-Men. The show appears to follow a family with two gifted (Mutant) children on the run after circumstances with their powers become prevalent. The show has Bryan Singer attached as Executive Producer and Director on some episodes. The cast includes some known faces in Stephen Moyer (True Blood) and Amy Acker (Angel). We also have fan favorite character Blink played by Jamie Chung. This week we got the trailer for the show, and it looks awesome!!!

Magneto confirmed for Dark Phoenix

Along with The Gifted trailer, news was released about who would be playing Magneto in Dark Phoenix. Drum roll please… Michael Fassbender is semi-confirmed to be back in the role of Magneto. Well that is if there is any truth to the tweet from MTV News correspondent Joshua Horowitz.

This is news because it was thought that a few of your main actors – from the previous series of films – would not be back. These being the biggest names of the cast Jennifer Lawerence, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, and Michael Fassbender. It appears they may have been able to extend Fassbender’s contract for one film, but not for more. There are two benefits to this:XMen_Magneto_Michael_Fassbender

  1. One of the stronger actors from the previous films brings more credibility to Dark Phoenix.
  2. With Fassbender signing on it may help to get at least McAvoy and Lawerence to sign back on.

As I keep saying it appears that Fox may have finally learned how to do things correctly for our merry mutants. After the success of Deadpool and Logan, they at least have set the ground work for making a proper comic book property. Pair that with the fantastic Legion on FX and they know how to translate this to T.V.

Are you excited about The Gifted? Do you think they are doing the right thing brining Fassbender back or should they be looking to start fresh? Let us know your thoughts about any of this in the comments below.

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