[WoWS] Kaga: Worth it or Worthless

IJN Kaga: Worth it or Worthless


Kaga was built between 1920-1928 and served in the Imperial Japanese Navy from 1928-1942 up until the day she sunk at Battle of Midway. During her time in World War II she belonged to the First Carrier Division with aircraft carrier Akagi. On June 4th, 1942 she was struck repeatedly by AmericanDive bombers from USN aircraft carriers, Enterprise, Hornet and Yorktown. Kaga was hit by one 1000 lbs bomb and three 500 lbs bombs causing her aviation fuel tanks to rupture causing, a fire inside the hangar. After firefighting had begun the fire detonated 80,000 lbs of bombs in the hangar causing the ship to explode making the fire uncontrollable. Out of her 1340 crew members 811 of them survived. Kaga was then scuttled by the Destroyer Haikaze however Kaga did participate in the sinking of the USS Yorktown.

In Game Stats

Kaga enters the game as a tier VII Fleet Carrier but her draw back is her low tier planes being only at tier VI. The types of planes she fields is a Mitsubishi A6M Zero as her primary fighter, a Nakajima B5N Kate as her main torpedo bomber and Aichi D3A as her standard dive bombers. She carries 85 planes total and has two attack set ups. She has a ‘Strike’ and ‘Balanced’ set up. Most players tend to use her ‘Balance’ set up as it gives the most leniency to do damage and fend off enemy planes. ‘Balanced’ has 2 squads of fighters, 2 squads of torpedo bombers and 1 squad of dive bombers.

As for the hull of the ship, she has a total of 18 secondary guns to fend of enemy ships that get within a 4.5km radius. Kaga has 22 pieces of AA on her with 8 of those doubling as secondaries. Her AA effectiveness of her short range aa is 3.5km while her long range is 5.01km.

What is most noteworthy about Kaga is her playstyle. Her torpedo bombers drop in a 3 wide and 3 close pattern which is a brand new torpedo pattern (View image below) USN carriers as show in the picture below go in a straight line and slowly move outward where Kaga like all IJN mov inward usually with only 4 torpedo planes as per the standard for Japanese planes.



Kaga is currently ranked number one as a tier VII CV in the game due to her unique play style:

  • Drops 6 torpedos
  • Small dive bomb drop radius
  • Short reload time (with perks fighters load in 15 seconds, torpedo bombers 20 and dive bombers 25)
  • Huge hangar capacity of 85 planes
  • Has potential to due up to 230,000 total damage to enemy ships
  • Larger torpedo squadron and bomber squadron



Although she has many strengths she does have her fair share of weaknesses:

  • Tier VI planes
  • Slow speed of 28 knots
  • High profile, detection range is around 12km by sea and 13 by air
  • Few secondaries (only has around 20 with 10 per side)
  • AA is unimpressive (Can easily be bombed or torpedoed by enemy planes)
  • Easily beaten by any CV running Air superiority
  • Can barely hold her own in high tier

Worth the Buy?

In my opinion yes, but it takes a skilled captain to learn and master her. New players may experience a hard time with Kaga. Since she is Tier VII she can get into tier IX game. With the up-tier in mind, choose your targets carefully. Beware of the Saipan if you do choose to get her. Saipan has tier IX and can get 3 squads of fighters . However you will get your monies worth with Kaga. With her high damage output and her large hangar space you won’t be disappointed.


Worth it

Shiro, Contributor

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