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Well if it isn’t,

Thank-you all for joining me on my Quest to watch 100 movies in the theater in one year. If you have read any of my other entries, you know I also like to suggest if you should enjoy a few adult beverages to make the movies I see more enjoyable. Today, I have a special entry in my quest for 100. Last night I got to enjoy one of my favorite genres in movies today, a super hero film. What made this particular Super Hero film special though is the fact Wonder Woman did something that the DC Universe has been struggling to accomplish with their previous films Batman VS. Superman and arguably even before that with Man of Steel.

Wonder Woman told a very familiar origin story type of tale. We got to see a young version of our hero train and develop who they are early on. We also get to see our Hero jump head strong into a world they aren’t quite ready for. And, as they mature throughout the story, we get to watch our Hero blossom into something truly amazing as they become the hero they were meant to be.

We got that plus so much more

What made Wonder Woman special though is rather than keep everything fun, and fancy-free as Diana ran through different battlefields leaving explosions in her wake all rolled up into a montage of excitement, face punches, and over the top action scenes. Instead we get to see something deeper, darker, and just a little horrific as Wonder Woman discovers the world she has been hidden away from has left her in the past, and become much more complicated than the stories she was told about back home on her island of Themyscira.

Wonder Woman does something very special as we get to navigate through her story. We get to see a hero who wants to do something good for those around her, but is told she is wrong for trying to do so. Rather than being told she can make things better, and she is a hero who can save us all she is told to ignore what is going on around her and just move forward so that she doesn’t loose sight of the task she has been given to her.

While Diana sees the horrors of war around her we get to witness something truly amazing. When Diana finally has had enough of being told what is the right thing to do, and instead she actually does what her heart tells her to do. In this amazing finish to the second act of this film Wonder Woman shows off her strength as she inspires those around her. This was an amazing moment in this film because the whole first half of the movie we watch Diana take orders from everyone else around her despite the power she possess, We then witness the amazing moment when she charges forward and starts to realize the true strength she wields.


An Inspiration to us all

This is where Wonder Woman really stands out in her origin story versus so many others we have witnessed from both Marvel, and DC films that came before. Rather than a super powerful hero learning to play nice control their powers, and conquer whatever evil they are facing even learning a nice lesson along the way. What Diana learns to do is to stop listening to what others think is right, but to actually decide for herself what that is. Wonder Woman knows how to use her powers she just doesn’t realize what they are really for.

Diana is one of the most powerful heroes in comic books, and when she finally stops letting others influence her thoughts, and feelings that contradict her own, we really get to see why she has become one of the greatest heroes of all time. This is truly an inspiring tale that doesn’t just give us the glory, and wonder that it is to be a super hero we also get to see a very dark world ravaged world that dampens the hope of those that inhabit it but witness a light being born in Diana of Themyscira.


Gal Gadot

Does some heavy lifting in this film. I personally think she nails it as Diana. I know going into this film people didn’t think she portrayed the “amazon” look. What the hell is that though? The “Amazon look” has so many definitions but what Gal does so well is she is a bad ass. The action scenes are visceral with Gadot throwing big punches, heavy kicks, and powerful slams against anyone, and anything in her way.

Not once did Gal look terrified or petrified like some Damsel in distress. Instead we saw her fight with determination, and strength. When her back was against the wall and things looked to be too much for her to handle instead of giving up, we saw her bear down and fight with power and resolve. I am so happy we got to see such strength from Gal Gadot she really did amazing work paying tribute to such a phenomenal character.


Patty Jenkins


Thank-you for creating something so real, visceral, and charming with Wonder Woman. I love that she touched on so many themes in this movie that we didn’t get the basic one-two punches of a hero origin story trope. I want to thank Patty so much for not playing safe here with Wonder Woman. We got what felt like a WWI Hollywood tale. Something that shows a war-torn nation where people are suffering, and troops are desperate for hope. No One tried to hide the horrors of war because we are in a super hero movie.

They try to inspire us, and give us hope. That even in the some of the darkest moments in our world we can still find hope and love. No matter how powerful Wonder Woman is, or how many heroes are in this world if we do not make the decision to do what is right no one can save us from destroying ourselves.


A wonderful start I can’t wait to see more


Lastly, this was a very well polished film. I really think some of these DC films have had a disconnect from their Marvel counterparts. They haven’t really felt like a work of passion, and love for the source material. The Justice League of America “Snyder-verse” has been dark, and gritty like a lot of their comic books. Which I really appreciate them nailing the tone, but I never felt like there was passion in the films like the MCU has done so well. The projects so far for the DCU have felt shallow, and you always seem to leave the theater wanting more. As if the movies themselves were leaving out major portions that could have made those movies great.

Batman VS. Superman ( were Wonder Woman stole the show) should have been one of the greatest movies of the decade. Suicide Squad should have been so much fun that we couldn’t stop talking about everything that was going on. Instead we have all been left waiting for this DC Universe to make a statement. A statement that these films were going to give us something rich and unique. More importantly a bad ass group of heroes that we all love, and enjoy.

Well, thanks to the amazing job by Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot, and the rest of this crew. DC fans you finally have your first flagship film that nailed the tone, feel, and type of story we love. Thanks again a million times more to Patty on behalf of so many DC, hell all movie fans out there. Fans that wanted not just another great super hero movie. But one that kicked ass, and showed to everyone that fighting like a girl is anything but a bad thing.

*Que the kick-ass Wonder Woman music*

1 beer needed to go along with Wonder Woman because it is a little long. The Story locks you in though so you don’t even notice how long you have been there. You can’t wait for more. I can’t wait to watch Wonder Woman again! I will be dragging friends all weekend to take me a second, even third time.

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