Trailer Breakdown: Women who Kick-Ass (Part 2: Wonder Woman)

Welcome back to our in-depth look at the new trailers that dropped this week, about strong female characters that you don’t want to mess with. Our first article discussed the red band trailer for “Atomic Blonde.” If you haven’t read it, link to the article here. Now on to the queen of original bad-asses. Lets talk the new Wonder Woman Trailer.


Wonder Woman film

The film is set for release on June 2, 2017. It stars Gal Gadot as the title character of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman. With a supporting cast of Chris Pine (Steve Trevor), Robin Wright (General Antiope), and Connie Nielson (Queen Hippolyta).

The film is directed by Patty Jenkins. The biggest credit in Patty’s previous directing work is the film Monster, for which Charlize Theron won the 2004 Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

The D.C. screenplay is written by Allan Heinberg, who comes mainly from the T.V. world. He’s worked on such shows as Grey’s Anatomy, The O.C. and Sex in the City, including others. He has mainly been a producer.

Origins Trailer

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched

  • We open up with many views of Diana’s home land Themyscira. Getting its name from the mythical city in Greek mythology that was the capital city of the Amazons. It is an island that helps keep the Amazons seperate from and unaware of the outside world.

    Beautiful on the surface, but those Amazons pack a punch
  • We get a quick glimpse of the sword that Diana will some day be using as Wonder Woman. She is told by her mother Hippolyta – when asked who would wield the sword – “Only the fiercest among us even could, and that is not you Diana.” It appears that Hippolyta does not want her daughter to be a warrior. Diana is a special case as she is the only child on this entire island.

    be careful it’s sharp
  • The next scene gives us our first glimpse of General Antiope training Diana. Antiope is Queen Hippolyta’s sister. In this film version it seems both Antiope and Hippolyta are raising Diana, with different hopes of what she is to become. Antiope wanting her to be the greatest warrior of the Amazons and Hippolyta not wanting her to be forced into this life.

    just a hop, skip, and a jump away
  • We finally see Diana’s true potential. As she defends herself against Antiope, the superhuman powers bestowed to her by the gods, “Beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, swifter than Hermes, and stronger than Hercules,” makes itself evident. Diana creates a shockwave that blasts through the air just by hitting her bracers together.

    BOOM! Goes the dynamite
  • We hear Hippolyta say “She must never know the truth about what she is.” I’m guessing in this version of the character the gods help create Diana to only be a protector of the Amazons, or some other dark mystery.
    • In the comics all of the Amazons are re-incarnated souls of women slain by men. Shaped from clay from the bottom of the sea and given life by the 5 Greek gods, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Hestia, and Aphrodite. Diana was formed out of clay by Hippolyta herself.
  • We get our introduction to Steve Trevor, a WW1 fighter pilot that crash lands on Themyscira. Diana saves him and is curious, having never seen a man before.
    • Themyscira is kept secret from the rest of the world by the Gods and given a break from the hostilities of the world. Thus in doing so, no man was allowed to set foot on the Island.

      Captains Log: Crashed onto an island filled with hundreds of beautiful women. I may never leave.
  • Now that you got one man on the island nothing is the same. Everything hits the fan. We see what looks like a platoon of soldiers, coming on to the Island and the Amazon’s charging in to fight. Likely this is the straw that breaks the camel’s back and force Hippolyta to let Diana go help fight in the War to End All Wars.

    The Flying V (It’s a Mighty Ducks reference get your mind out of the gutter)
  • We see our first glimpse of a baddy that shows up in the comics Princess Maru/Doctor Poison.
    • In the comics Doctor Poison is working with the Nazis and creates a drug called “Reverso.” They spike the allied troops water with the drug. The effects of the drug cause you to do the opposite of what you’re told. Doing the opposite of everything you are told to do, doesn’t seem as threatening today.  I’m sure they’ll change up what her poison does. It looks like it’ll possibly crush you due to what happens to the mask in the container.

      “miss her, kiss her, love her, wrong move your dead. That girl is poison”-Bel Biv Devoe
  • Diana grabs what she needs to defend the world. The sword from earlier, a shield, and (what has become a staple of her character) a golden lasso.
    • The lasso originally known as “the Magical Lasso of Aphrodite.” Many just call it the “Lasso of Truth.” Whenever someone is tied up in the lasso they are forced to tell the truth. Also, the thing is damn near indestructible. It has only ever been seen broken a handful of times in the comics.

      tell me what you “really” think?
  • The rest of the trailer is a breakdown of action shots that show us just how bad ass of a woman Diana Prince is. She has earned every right to be called Wonder Woman. We also see little hints of a love story between Diana and Steve. Danny Huston’s character General Erich Ludendorff, appears as well.
    • The character name is interesting. There was a real life General Erich Ludendorff. He was the Quartermaster General for the Germans until he resigned in 1918, just before the end of the war. If they are mixing some real life characters in with the comic characters, it will help give a little more solidarity to the story.

      Wonder Woman !!!

 Savior of World War 1 and of the DCU Cinematic universe

 This looks and feels like the movies we should be getting from DC. I hated the Man of Steel for how dark Superman himself was. He’s not meant to be brooding all the time. Superman is our optimist of hope. I enjoyed any of the scenes that had Batman in them during Batman V Superman. Due to the dark nature of the entire film a lot of people were turned off. Not to mention Eisenberg’s casting as Lex. This is their chance to get it right, and right it looks.
It does use a bit of the fish out of water aspect to deliver some humor. Something also employed in the Mavel film Thor. Beyond this comparison, everything else looks good. A well cast set of actors. It doesn’t look overly dark. (Batman is the only one that should ever look dark.) I like that they went out and got a good upcoming female director at the helm.
Let’s hope this is a step in the right direction and we get a good JLA movie afterwards. If you have any insights into the trailer or thoughts on the movie please comment below.
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