What is a Bucklemmings, and why are they so Horrible?

Supernatural Rant Time!

So….. for those of you who watch and follow supernatural I am sure you are aware this show has multiple writers. I am here to write about a particular pair of writers that I swear don’t know these characters at all. Their episodes just seem to get worse and worse. Let’s meet the writing duo of Eugene Ross-Lemmings and Brad Buckner and find out how they are derailing the show.

My number one complaint about this duo is that they don’t seem to know or understand these characters at all. When I watch their episodes I actually cringe at how stupid and out of character they act. I understand that the basic plot lines for the season are written and they have no control over that. What they DO have control over is the execution. And their execution is TERRIBLE. They don’t know how to write females very well. Cassie was a bitch, Lydia was a monster so it’s ok because you expect her to be a manipulative bitch. Annie the female hunter, she was nothing but a promiscuous joke seeing as she slept with Bobby Sam and Dean.  And then they just killed her anyway so useless in the end. And just wait my views on what they did to Charlie are coming.

These writers seem to have a hatred for castiel that I find baffling. I excuse the episode “A little Slice of Kevin” as I actually thought that may be their best episode they have ever written. In almost every episode they write him in he is written as a clueless fumbling dolt. Or he is just left out of crucial episodes where they can’t even write in a phone call or talk about him? In the episode where Sam goes to Hell he doesn’t hit up the one angel who actually retrieved somebody from the cage? Granted it didn’t go perfectly but he doesn’t even ask Cas for advice at all? Like I said why make really smart characters do really stupid things they would never do.

They follow up A little Slice of Kevin with the atrocity that was the episode Man’s Best Friend With Benefits. First off, they change the canon in this episode. Witchcraft is now a natural ability. Its no longer gained by selling your souls to demons established in season 3. Second they literally had a black female “familiar” who was led around by a leash in half the episode. That is just all kinds of weird and wrong. This is one of the few episodes I rarely ever rewatch.

And then Taxi Driver what a hot fucking mess that was. This one episode basically made the ENTIRE SEASON 6 plotline useless. I mean what the fuck, You’re telling me Crowley can’t find the backdoor of hell that leads into purgatory? Utter and complete bullshit. Also since when are we able to just see reapers now? Season 1 episode Faith established canon that reapers could only be seen by those close to death.  Now they are just chilling in Taxi Cabs in sketchy alleys? Oh but I guess these are “rogue reapers” so it makes sense? No it really doesn’t. Their episodes are full of plot holes and they are only consistent with their OWN episodes, not with all of canon. Which is why it gets so frustrating to watch.

Now let’s jump to 9×3 I’m no Angel, which I actually like overall, but it still has frustrating elements that run consistent with bucklemmings. First I get Cas is human for the first time ever. But the jokes about him not knowing how to do the most basic things really bugs. He lived with Daphne for a good chunk of Season he had to have picked up little things by watching her. So the eating toothpaste just fell flat. Again they don’t have a clue how to write Cas. I liked though him with the homeless people that felt more real so the capability is there. Just stop treating his character like a walking joke for fucks sake. This episode again though goes off canon with reapers.  Now reapers aren’t just ferrying souls to the afterlife but they are fucking angels who can possess people?

So again they take a new female character April, make her have dubious sex because she human is possessed. It skirts the line of dub con, and personally I just felt it was unnecessary. Why even have sex anyways? I get what they were going for, newly human unable to deal with hormones but it fell flat to me. A lot of people cried rape after this episode, considering Cas is led to believe he owes sex to her and the girl is possessed. I did like the scene after he is rescued, they actually wrote Dean with feelings which I appreciate. However FUCK the end of this episode. They spend all episode looking for Cas just to get back to the bunker and have Dean kick him out because an angel he barely knows asks him too. I can’t fucking even.

So here we hit the next episode 9×9 Holy Terror.For the most part I actually liked this episode. Even though Kevin died, it made sense with what Metatron was planning on doing. My beef with this episode again stems from Bucklemmings only referencing their own episodes. That scene in the bar where they brought up April was stupid.  Apparently the fact that a so many fans hated that scene escaped them as they as they pat themselves on the back for what they write. Idiots. No real issues with the next episode Blade Runners it was a fairly solid episode and got the main plot moving. Now let’s discuss King of the Damned.

King of the Damned again has major continuity issues. Abaddon stealing Gavin out of the past screws up a good chuck of Season 6, AGAIN. Does bucklemmings hate season 6 or something? The main issue is that Gavin’s ghost was how Bobby learned where Crowley’s bones were. Without that knowledge, Bobby wouldn’t have been able to ransom his soul back, the Winchesters wouldn’t have believed that Cas killed Crowley for several episodes, that whole facade would have fallen to piece. I understand the average fan doesn’t see this crap but I so and it bugs the shit out of me. And then there is the way they wrote Abaddon. the only way these plots work is everyone acts so OOC.

Abaddon goes out of her way to lure Dean, who she KNOWS bears the MOC and still allows him to get the first blade. She had Crowley cowed, she could have listened to the instructions Crowley gave the boys, and shot him. Then she could have stolen the Blade, and set a trap to kill the Winchesters. And when she saw that force wasn’t working, why did she pile on more force? She is a damn Knight of Hell and yet didn’t use any of the powers she had previously displayed. So frustrating. In Season 10 Soul Survivor, The Hunter Games, and Paint it Black, overall not too bad.

That’s ok they were just saving up for their episode Dark Dynasty. This is by and large the worst fucking episode in television history. The complete and utter disservice to the characters, the fans the entire show this mess of an episode was. I still rage about it and it has almost 2 years. Nothing about this episode was right. Nothing about these characters were right. You’re telling me that if Rowena was annoying everyone we couldn’t put her in another room? Fucking gag her? Cas making her silent with angel mojo? Headphones? ANYTHING???? So, they do eventually move her into another room, but apparently that means Charlie needs to run off on her own when Cas is out of the room. How does that even make sense?

Not even 2 weeks before Charlie fucking solo’d her way through the Styne warriors in Italy. Now you’re telling me she is only packing the world’s tiniest knife and can’t handle a 1 handed Styne in a fight??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Also there was a window in the Bathroom. Charlie was tiny she can’t fucking run? So poorly written. Sam an Dean who have been tying people up for YEARS chain this guy up only buy his wrist? Singular? He somehow able to chew off his arm to escape??? Cas was useless in this episode. You tell me he can sense longing enough to find Claire walking on some random ass road; then tell me he cannot find Charlie who is broadcasting some fucking vibes for help. They needed some way to punish Sam and to send Dean into his final killing spree – so they killed Charlie.

This was such a lazy and irresponsible approach to this episode. Like I said earlier it was such a disservice to us as fans, and the entire cast and the rest of the writers. Especially Robbie Thompson who created the character and begged them not to kill Charlie. Also, WHY DIDN’T WE GET TO SEE CHARLIE FIGHT? We just get to see her dead in a bathtub? THAT’S how her character goes out? Terrible. This episode almost caused me to give up the series. In Season 11 it’s just more of the same Out of character stupid Shit. I cringe writing this knowing that this weeks upcoming episode is a bucklemmings one. My only consolation is Cas isn’t in this one so they cannot mistreat him again.

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4 thoughts on “What is a Bucklemmings, and why are they so Horrible?

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    April 26, 2017 at 9:21 pm

    It sounds as if “fan fiction” writers got an opportunity to write for a major show and fucked it up. Angsty Twilight/50 Shades/Buffy wannabes anyone?

  • Avatar
    April 26, 2017 at 9:54 pm

    Dude maybe the guy part is a former fanfiction writer but I swear the fact that Eugene ross-lemmings is married to the EP of show is why they get to keep writing

  • Avatar
    January 17, 2019 at 10:57 am

    My god, thank you! Honestly, considering they are writing the episode that’s supposed to be a turning point for Dean and Cas aggravates me to no end because I know they are going to write Cas poorly and I’m going to get pissed off.

    • Avatar
      January 17, 2019 at 11:01 am

      Yes it’s very frustrating. On one hand they have gotten slightly better since season 11, but of ALL the fantastic writers on this show why do you keep handing critical episodes to people that have such inconsistent episodes. So I’m just praying that the cast helps smooth it out and that the major points of the plot get delivered well!


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