BCON’s Time Team Theme Song for Timeless

What up to all my fellow nerds and geeks out there? A big hello from all of your friends here at Malice-Corp!

Today I bring you the crazy things we do for our fandom. In this edition of outlandish antics I sing my time team theme song for the show Timeless. Malice-Corp has had other crazy things like this happen before. If you remember, Mest5150 sang for votes during our Best CW Show Nerd Fight. You can relive that moment on our YouTube channel

What is Timeless?

Timeless is a time travel television show that finished its first season on NBC in January. The show has an avid fan following largely due to its excellent director Eric Kripke and even better cast. The cast is composed of the lovely Abigail Spencer who plays a super smart historian, Malcolm Barrett who is the witty time machine pilot, and Matt Lanter the soldier assigned to protect the team. Viewership started off hot then settled down into very steady numbers throughout the course of the season.

However, there was a lot of unknowns surrounding whether NBC was going to renew the show or cancel it. NBC has had a history of canceling shows after just one season and the fear became reality last week. News hit that Timeless would not be renewed for a second season and the team was scrambling to find a landing spot for the show. Fan reaction to the cancellation was profound and #Timeless was the number 4 trending topic on Twitter for 3 hours straight after the announcement. The team and Sony did a lot of work with NBC and after only 3 days, the network reversed their decision. Read more about the renewal in an article published by SuperwhovianFreak last week.

Background for the song

So, what is the deal with the song? Well, after the renewal announcement, one fan in particular recorded themselves singing their time team song. The cast responded with likes and retweets. Abigail Spencer asked for fans to record their own unofficial time team theme songs.

Timeless Abigail Spencer


Even though I have never done something like this before, I could not say no to Abigail Spencer. Fair warning, I do not consider myself a good singer, but I do consider myself a huge Timeless fan! So watch the video below, like, share, and subscribe!

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– BCON, Editor and Podcast Co-Host


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