The Ghost of Christmas Future Past

Deckard the Halls with Michael Pondsmith

‘Tis the Christmas season, which means, as always that a new year is also around the corner.  And what better way to ruminate on these days that are full of more darkness, yet so many more lights, and planning for the future than with some fine cyberpunk comic books?  Happy future imperfect…!



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Eliteware is a new, independent story that has already hooked us. The first issue introduces us to the Neva family, or most of it. Splintered by unseen events, each member of this family is doing their best to get everyone back together. Daughter and father are doing the dirty work for an Elite who might help them. Meanwhile, the son has recently gotten his freedom and is striking out to obtain the freedom of his mother. Nothing is certain about how either course will proceed. Is tragedy going to strike the family again, or will they be reunited? And how will this quest affect their world as the Nevas tangle with the upper class Elites?

The cyberpunk setting is colorful and fun, without being neon-poptacular. Artists Eryn Williams and Eliana Falcon (illustrations/inks/letters, and colors, respectively) have struck a beautiful balance between darkness and color. We feel the heaviness of their tasks and burdens in some of the darker pages. But we also see the lighter parts of their lives. More color comes in when a daughter meets up with her father unexpectedly at the opera. We have brighter days when they eat lunch together to talk about their progress. The colors can also play a visual cue. The Eliteware twitter has remarked that red is not a good color to see in this universe. If you see red, something bad is going down.

Where to from here?

alt text! A woohoo!

Eliteware: Source Code is an associated title due to start in early 2019. Mike DeCosta, the series creator and write of Eliteware, is also writing Eliteware: Source Code. Another title in the works is Driftscape, written by Catrina Dennis. Driftscape is implied to be about the Neuro Net; the virtual reality world that is used inside the world of Eliteware, which one uses in “Drift Dens”. It differs from our virtual reality in ways that include but are not limited to the ability to use real drugs while using it.

But this title’s true nature at present remains a mystery…


I’m so excited to announce this: I’ll be joining the wild world of @ElitewareComic as the writer of DRIFTSCAPE, an ongoing comic series coming in May of 2019, with the talented, amazing @lorna_ka illustrating the adventure.

-Catrina Andor


Source Code will be outside of the main story, telling tales of other places and characters in the same universe. In that format, it should provide more depth to the universe as the main story unfolds. It would be great to see it as an ongoing title. As it is, the universe of Eliteware is part Dune, part Tron, and all amazing. The creative team has really done a wonderful job.



Freindo to Alex Murphy one day?

This four-color meltdown is brought to you by Alex Paknadel on writing, Martin Simmonds on illustration, Dee Cunniffe on colors, and Taylor Esposito on letters!

White Noise and Vault Comics are the creative partnership responsible for Friendo. It joins their other titles of Fearscape, Deep Roots, and These Savage Shores and follows in the same direction: great to read and hard to put down. It’s a near-future tale where everyone is more concerned with the online world than physical events anymore. World powers (implied to be Russia and the USA) signed an accord that made all advertising legal, no matter what.

The Friendo app was just shipped out before this accord. The profit margins are great, but there’s still careful tracking of any issues, such as Jerry, the friendly AI interface. Lightning hits our protagonist Leo during a storm while he’s wearing the Friendo glasses. While Leo recovered from his injuries, Jerry is… not doing so hot. With his morality centers now fried, Jerry is taking great pains to protect our protagonist against any possible threat, even to the point of murder.

Leo is an actor trying to make ends meet, even serving as an exotic dancer. His affluent girlfriend supports him financially, and this only adds to the weight on his shoulders. Between his financial dependence, the storm accident, and a mugging, he clings tightly to Jerry. It is interesting to note that the scenes without Jerry seem visually darker, as if they’re not as bright without him.


Wishing you a merry little Christmas

(With less gunplay),

Igor, Possibly a Box

Cricket, Probably a marlybaa

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