The Best Websites You’re Not Visiting

As the last year has shown, you clearly have impeccable tastes when clicking on new URLs. Clearly!
But, have you yet felt the burn of disappointing curated search results when you’re net searching for fun or interest? I know I have. So many searches we do now are “edited to only the results you’ll like the most”; Google, YouTube, even Netflix these days! They give us so much SAMENESS. Where’s the variety? Where’s the pizazz?
The pizazz is still out there, my friends: be it for your fun, profit, OR entertainment, and Igor’s here to help you find it on our little site… AND BEYOND!


This is not my beautiful house! This is not my beautiful wife! How did I get here?

As some of you may know, and some may not, Adobe Flash will be gone from our computers by 2020. Sadly, the poor lil’ thing is so much of a security risk today, that the only option is to shut it all down.

But it wasn’t always that way. In the late nineties and early oughties, Adobe Flash was our entertainment go-to for music, movies, even many a video game. Adobe Flash powered many such sites;,, and to name a few of the biggest back in the day.

“Who?”, you may ask. And considering these guys came around over ten years ago, that’s fair. I’m betting most of you know albinoblacksheep, though- thanks to the band Lemon Demon.

Old Godzilla was hoppin’ around/Tokyo City like a big playground…

Go visit the sheep before 2020! Such weird! Much awesome!


Much like the hampsterdance – it was a very, VERY literal site, way back when – turn the clock back to the 90s, and you’ll find yourself look at a plethora of websites that did only ONE thing, but did it very well. One that has survived the culling of such sites from the web (due to dying popularity), and survived well, is

Like listening the to rain? Does it help you relax or sleep? Hit up the free nonstop website, or app, now! Seriously, sound quality and editing on it is top notch.

Tricky Pony, Juan

Then there was the evolution of those simple little sites into much larger sites that STILL centered around only ONE topic.

Would you like to get your cooking done? Got you covered.

Gromit, that’s it! Cheese! We’ll go somewhere where there’s cheese!

Alphabetically or by country, with wine or without it, is dairy (or… veggie?) and it is awesome, it is I do not recall at all how I found this site, but by thunder, it is cheesey!

If you get THIS (or the header image), I LOVE YOU.

You’ve met, I’d wager. Now meet Not comic books, not comic strips, not stop motion, not puppetry of any kind. Just what it says on the tin: big cartoon database. Enjoy a walk down memory lane!

Alexa, Barney Google Bing Crosby Stills, Nash, and Young

Sprinkled throughout this time were a LOAD of search engines: Yahoo, Netscape, and AskJeeves!, to name a few. I have forgotten the name of the one with the little brown spider with a magnifying glass. Webcrawler? Webtrawler? Anyone?

While of course many of them died (oh, dotcom bubble, you burst quite spectacularly), new engines still pop up here and there today. Duckduckgo is arguably the most prominent of them. They don’t track you at all, and don’t even give you bubble searches! If you type in a name, a term, or a set of words, you get EVERY match duckduckgo can find for them. It’s pretty fun; a lot like net searching was in the nineties!

And hot diggity damn is it almost cleansing a feeling to see so few ads.

Siri, give me some Siri puns?

Comic as you are

Then…the comics came, and thankfully as another large portion of the internet that is NOT reliant on Adobe Flash to function. The webcomic rose to great heights next, chronologically. Sluggy Freelance, 8-Bit Theater, AppleGeeks, and maaaaany more brought adventure, humor, and drama to our computers – without needing to worry about other people hearing our taste in entertainment!

There are still many webcomics out there, but few now have the passion and craftsmanship that those early webcomics had before the explosion of streaming video drew away so many fans, making it hard to make a living off of such a venture.

Bearmageddon is one exception. Ethan Nicolle is the co-creator of Axe Cop and a writer for Netflix’s VeggieTales relaunch, with the creators! Axe cop, his first foray into webcomicking, was drawn by himself, and written by his then five-year old brother. Bearmageddon, the followup comic Ethan released alongside Axe Cop, and still runs today.

What makes this comic special? It’s a tale of survivors in the mutant bear apocalypse, and the tragic death of Ninja Bacon Hipster. The comic is written and drawn by Ethan, with colors by Kailey Frizzel. Ethan is not only a proud husband and father (who does NOT do this for a living), but still takes out time frequently to chat with the community somehow!

The cherry on top of this site is the regular “bear attack news” feature. The perfect hole-in-one was both amusing and horrifying.

Quorum in the forum

The forum message board has been around since the first days of the internet, and is still going strong. The most famous one today is The SCP Foundation. It is a meticulously crafted, and frankly, enormous repository of stories (and “archives”) of the Foundation, the secret global organization that collects, captures, and imprisons everyone and everything that violates natural laws, because we are not ready for them… for one reason or another.

The site itself is genuinely awe-inspiring in how organized and coordinated all of the authors, editors, moderators, and administrators are in carrying out their mission of bring their stories to the world. The only people I’ve ever met who are more organized and disciplined are my military buddies.

Be forewarned, however. The site is a deep rabbit hole indeed. Mind your time, what’s in the corner of your eye, and the rubber duck. The teddy bear still haunts me more than that poor girl on the paper cup.

Secure, Contain, Protect



Igor, Possibly a Box

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