Nerd Fight Poll Results: Quentin Tarantino Best Film

Good Day to all the Geek Enthusiasts and Nerd Aficionados!

This week’s poll has come to a close. The nerd fight was in full effect. There was name calling. We were giving pitch after pitch of why each combantant’s choice was the best. Low blows may have even surfaced. Through it all it doesn’t change the results. We have this weeks champion.

The fight was for the best Tarantino Film. Now we didn’t set the rule that it had to be one of the core 8. Resulting in getting some fun add-ons in the way of Tarantino Presents.. and from the Grindhouse franchise.

The Contestants

  • Death Proof (Fan Vote)

    • In the partnership with Robert Rodriguez. Death Proof was the Tarantino half of the Grindhouse Project. Tarantino and Rodriguez had a love for the old style of Grindhouse movie theaters that typically showed exploitation films. They  ran away with it. The grindhouse project though technically low budget had actors that you have known from previous high dollar properties.
    • Death Proof starred Kurt Russell as a Stunt Man that filled his downtime with killing young women. His weapon of choice, the supercharged car he drove. That he had made, in his own words, “Death Proof” (for him.)
  • Quentin Tarantino presents: Man with the Iron Fists (NudieRudie)

    • Tarantino helped with distribution. Agreeing to have the Presented By credit added to the RZA (member of Wu-Tang Clan) film. RZA started writing the film in 2003 while working with Tarantino on the Kill Bill soundtrack. He spent 30 days with Tarantino learning how to make the film. Tarantino had planned to have Man with the Iron Fists crossover with Django. Schedule conflicts resulted in this plan being scrapped.
    • Man with the Iron Fists is a film that follows the old Kung-Fu vein of films. The film was written, directed and starred RZA. Other known cast members included Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu, and Dave Bautista. Taking place in 19th century China. The story follows a cast of lone warriors that have to team up to beat a common enemy.
  • Pulp Fiction (BConn)

    • The film that really put Quentin on the map. Not only that, it re-launched John Travolta’s long dormant career. Another actor that already had a large list of roles, Samuel L. Jackson, really took off after the film. Without Pulp Fiction we never would have had Kill Bill, as Uma Thurman was a big part of getting that film made. It was nominated for 7 Academy Awards™ (Best Picture, Best Lead Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Director, Best Film Editing, and Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen), of which it won one for Best Writing. If not for Forrest Gump coming out that year it would have run away with the awards for the year.
    • Pulp Fiction tells the intersecting story lines of a wide cast of characters. Two hitmen, a boxer, a mob boss’s wife, and a pair of two small time crooks and how their stories intersect into crime. Not told in the traditional sense of chronological order, the timing of the film keeps you involved during every minute.
  • Django Unchained (SuperWhovianFreak)

    • After branching out with a war flick, Inglorious Basterds, Tarantino decided to jump into the spaghetti western genre. Bringing on huge names the likes of Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio. Being that it was a Tarantino film, it didn’t just copy the westerns that had come before. It kept the same things that you know and love from his previous films, flipping the typical western on it’s head pulling inspiration from the 1966 film Django. It didn’t pull any punches with the dialog resulting in some backlash from the amount of times a certain derogatory word was said.
    • Django Unchained follows a slave turned bounty hunter whose only purpose is to free his wife from slavery. In his endeavor he teams up with another bounty hunter, Dr. Schulz. The two start out hunting down the Brittle Brothers, whom Django is the only one that can identify them. Dr. Schulz teaches him the bounty hunter trade and feels he’s indebted to help him get his wife back.

  • Kill Bill (Vol. 1) (Mest5150)

    • A story so big it took two volumes to tell it. In an idea that came about from collaboration between Uma Thurman and Quentin. The film was a mish-mash of all things that Tarantino had a love for. Largest amongst these being the Kung-Fu Cinema genre. With an amazing soundtrack that came with help from RZA. Visuals that were both gory and breathtaking, and small nods to those that came before such as the Bruce Lee inspired yellow and black outfit worn by the Bride.
    • Kill Bill tells the story of the bride. A former member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad lead by Bill. An attempt is made on her life on the day of her wedding by Bill. She survives and ends up in a coma, 4 years later she awakes. Figuring out what happened she goes on her trail of revenge. Finding those responsible and trying to kill Bill.
  • Reservoir Dogs (Jack Malice)

    • Quentin’s feature length debut as writer and director. The film was raw, gritty, and set us up for all the wonderful things to come. If not for Harvey Keitel this gem might not have happened. Keitel saw the script out of coincidence of one person passing it to another. He liked it so much he helped raise the capital for the film and paid for casting calls. Helping to find Steve Buscemi, Michael Madsen, and Tim Roth. A dialog driven cult hit with a killer soundtrack to boot. The rest is history.
    • Reservoir Dogs follows a group of criminals before and after a heist gone bad. One member of the team appears to be cop, but which one?

The Losers

  • Death Proof

    • Coming in with a zero votes, Death Proof turned out to be anything but. This was the fan vote from the podcast and even that couldn’t save it. It appears that even those that put it into competition, thought the other films were far superior. Lighting a match and throwing it into the gas tank. This entry went up in a ball of flames.
  • The Man with the Iron Fists

    • Getting 2 votes. Just enough to say this wasn’t the worst choice. Attaching your name to a film appears to do squat for the choice. It seems it could only muster two votes because of the name. Quentin, that’s one. Tarantino, that’s two, and…we’re done. It was a nice try but the theme was best Tarantino film. Not best film by RZA that said “Hey you’re a buddy. Can you throw your name on this project? Then we’ll get a chance at selling more tickets?” You thought you were being sneaky didn’t you NudieRudie?
  • Django Unchained

    • 5 votes, now we’re getting somewhere. Part of the core 8 Tarantino films this one could have had a chance. Alas even Superwhovianfreak knew she had erred, as she called her choice “The 3 legged horse in the race.” Even with Django being unchained he couldn’t beat the others. The only part she missed was, her horse broke the remaining three legs at the beginning and had to be put down.
  • Pulp Fiction

    • 6 votes, The question was asked, “Does Pulp Fiction look like a Bitch? ” apparently the answer was ” Yes.” The film couldn’t Batusi it’s way out of third place. BCON thought he was being smart going with the popular pick. (Sorry wrong answer.) It appears to be forgotten, just like Travolta before the film and about 10 years after. Either that or everyone started watching the movie in chronological order which makes it terrible.

      Doing the Batusi
  • Reservoir Dogs

    • 11 votes, What can be said? Reservoir Dogs is a masterpiece – it came up just short of winning. Everyone still loves the movie. Great Job Jack Malice! Okay, now that I’m done kissing up and can keep my writing job. If everyone else was pimping themselves out as much as Jack Malice was, I’m sure they’d have more votes too. How much money did you pay people anyway Jack? We’re under budget as it is. I’m sure if his argument was better than “It’s the best movie period. That’s it, I don’t need to say anything else.” Apparently you di need to say a little more. Just like the criminals in the movie you came up just short.

The Winner

  •  Kill Bill Volume 1

    • 12 votes, a perfect dozen. Just like a wedding, you don’t mess with the bride. Kill Bill went completely Bridezilla on the competition. Just like the film in came in as a killer starting out strong. Midway through the week it slowed down, almost as if it had gone into a coma. But at the end it awoke and kept fighting. Eventually succeeding as coming out on top as this week’s Nerd Fight Champion.

      The Bride looks over the defeated

So there are your results for the week. It’s in the books. There’s no changing it. If you were happy with the results let us know. If you weren’t happy keep the fight going in the comments below. Stay tuned for the write up about next week’s Nerd Fight: The Best Dr. Who Companion.






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