The Best Tabletop You’re Not Playing

Let’s Talk Tabletop Well, E3 2017 has just come to visit and we got our game on in Nerd Fight #12, so I’m waxing a little nostalgic. Friends, Romans, countrymen, let’s talk boards and dice. Even here in the 21st century, many of us still have fond (or not so fond- Monopoly) memories of certain Parker Brothers classics, Battleship, Chess, Uno, Go, heck, even Mouse Trap – do you know anyone who played that properly? When we’re finally getting a new Metroid, a new feature in Madden, and a Quantic Dream game that might actually make your decisions important, it’s also a good point to step back, toss those bones, and gaze coolly at the cards. Here’re some games of chance you might not have met yet. The best tabletop games you should be playing!

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