Game of Thrones S08 E02: A Knight of the 7 Kingdoms – TV Talks Reaction Podcast

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2: A Knight of the 7 Kingdoms
Episode Reactions:
— A sisterly bond trying to be formed, fellowship amongst comrades, very awkward sex scene, the big Targaryn reveal, and so many people are going to die.
— Who’s dying next week?
— What will be the battle of Winterfell outcome, win / lose?
— How are characters going out?
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Malice Cast Live Season 2 Ep 2: Great Moments in Nerd January

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Nerd Fight: Best Beard 2017

We are back, with our first Nerd Fight of the year! Back to start another year of epic nerd fights for 2018. Last year featured so many fun and epic fights we just couldn’t stop the fun this year.So welcome back one and all, and I hope this year proves to be just as great as last. This year we are starting off with what has become a running theme behind the scenes of malice. We have dubbed TheBigPoppaMatt owner of the epic beard of the boys of malice, though others from our group are trying to rival The Epic beard. So we decided what could be more fun then seeing who had the most epic beard in Hollywood 2017. So without further ramblings from me, here are the contestants for the first Nerd Fight of 2018:

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Nerd Fight Results: Best Game Of Thrones Character

So this was a fun week to wrap up our Game of Thrones Season. It is always fun to pit favorite GOT characters against each other, and fun to see characters like Tormund get some love. Overall the Twitter interaction the fans were having amongst the fandoms made for some very entertaining moments. Arya Stark edges out Tyrion at the end by the width of needles blade. So lets go over the contestants and see where it all shook up at the end.

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Nerd Fight: Favorite Game of Thrones Character

We are back with another poll for this week. Last week saw the fight for the best Studio Ghibli film. To honor the coming out of retirement of the brilliant Mr. Miyazaki. A lot of wonderful discussions were had with voters over the last week. All the films represented are true works of art, So thanks to everyone who came out and participated you made the week a lot of fun. This week we herald the end of Game of Thrones Season 7, so we are pitting our favorites against each other.

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