Malice Cast Live S2 E15: Stranger Things 3, DeadPool 2 Final Trailer, Avengers 4, & more

Season 2, Episode 15: 

– Deadpool 2 Final Trailer Reaction

– Stranger Things 3 (what we know so far)

– Avengers 4 casting & rumors

– Cancel, Renew, or Reboot – New podcast game

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BCON’s Time Team Theme Song for Timeless

Today I bring you the crazy things we do for our fandom. In this edition of outlandish antics I sing my time team theme song for the show Timeless. Malice-Corp has had other crazy things like this happen before. If you remember, Mest5150 sang for votes during our Best CW Show Nerd Fight. You can relive that moment on our YouTube channel.

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Malice Corp on YouTube – Malice-Cast Ep 8

Your Friends at have released another video on their YouTube Channel. Episode 8 of the podcast was recorded live on May 12, 2017. You can never know what to expect from our cast featuring: Mest5150, BCON, SuperwhovianFreak, GiaTomcat, Jack Malice, and BigPapaMatt. Come watch on YouTube or subscribe on your favorite podcast app.

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Malice-Cast Episode 8 – Business as Usual

Good Day to all the Geek Enthusiasts and Nerd Aficionados Episode 8 of the podcast was recorded live on 5/12/17
Let’s see what you can expect from this week’s cast featuring: Mest5150, Bcon, Superwhovianfreak, GiaTomcat, Jack Malice, and BigPapaMatt. Nerd News, What TV shows were cancelled or renewed. Nerd Fight Polls. Best Non-Force User Results.
Bcon-bacca asks for votes for Chewbacca. Best Supernatural Character Who did we pick? Who are you going to vote for? Was your favorite show renewed or cancelled? Timeless had some interesting developments. Watch the video to see what other shows we talk about. You can follow Malice-Corp on Twitter. Follow the cast on Twitter too! Make sure to watch Episode 8 of the podcast on YouTube and like and subscribe!

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Timeless IS Renewed for a Season 2

I was heartbroken on Wednesday when I read my beloved new series Timeless had been unfairly cancelled by NBC. I was about ready to give up on trying any new show out. If it hadn’t been around for at least 5 seasons then no watching for me. I, along with many others, cried into Twitter-verse, spewing our heartbreak and hatred towards NBC for this decision. And what do you know. NBC heard the fans complaints and the fact that #bringbacktimeless was a trending topic on Twitter. For almost 4 hours after the initial cancellation news was dropped. So who says you can’t make something wonderful happen by crying on twitter?? My online bitching has finally been justified.

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