Quest for 100 Episode 4

On this episode of Quest for 100 Matt, and Bcon talk about the latest movies they saw. The Oscars, and The Shape of Water’s complete domination. Have Matt, and Bcon kept pace for their quest? Did one of them have to watch a Fifty shades movie? Find out the answers to that question, and more on The Quest for 100. If you want to join in on the conversation, or let us know how your quest is going follow us on Twitter @questformovies or email us at

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MaliceCast S2 E4: New and Improved

The Malice Corp Nerds and Geeks dive into the latest headlines in Movie, TV, Comic Book, Tech, and Pop Culture. Giving their thoughts and discussing it with the live chatroom viewers. 

This week we discuss:
– Robot Newscaster in Japan
– Artist Ventiko and her emotional support peacock
-Superman prequel tv series: Metropolis
-Octavia Spencer’s new film: Ma
– Superbowl 2018 movie trailers

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The Quest for 100 Ep. 2

On this Episode on The Quest for 100. B-con, and Matt give a preview on the movies they are most excited for in the month of February. We talk about all the Black Panther hype, and is it too much to deliver on? We also give recaps on our current movie count. Matt recaps Hostiles, Maze runner Death Cure, and B-con gushes all over The Shape of water, and Darkest Hour. Thank-you for listening. Please like, subscribe, and share with all your friends, family, and enemies. We appreciate all the 5-star reviews, and if you’d like to join the conversation please email us at, or follow us on Twitter @questformovies.

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Malice Cast Live Season 2 Episode 4: New and Improved

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