“All Things Nerd!” 3.30: Trailers, Black Panthers, & Technology… OH MY!!

Season 3 Episode 30:
Get Your Geek On!
– The Malice Corp Geek Enthusiasts and Nerd Aficionados talk about what they’ve been doing since last episode. What you should be checking out, and what you should stay far away from?
In A World: Our new segment where we break down the latest movie trailers that peaked our interest.
– The Kings Man
– The Irishman
– Little Monsters
– The Walking Dead Spin-Off 2
Nerd News:
– Black Panther 2’s villain is supposedly going to be Namor! Reactions, and who should play him?
– Joss Whedon’s The Nevers gets a full cast. Reactions to who we will be seeing in the new HBO series.
– The new technology for contact lenses. Now you may be able to zoom on command. How will this work, and is it needed or just an accident waiting to happen.
– Ancient artwork finds it’s inspirations from others. New technology can now decipher links between classic artwork based off body positions in the art.
Somebody’s Gotta Talk About It!: Discussing the odd, weird and just funny stories in the headlines.
– Snicker’s backs a change for Halloween to always be on a Saturday. Is this madness, or the right way to go?
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