MaliceCast Live: Episode 20 recap

Good Day to all the Geek Enthusiast and Nerd Aficionados! We just hit double digits for the second time on

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MaliceCast 10 : Episode Podcast Review

MaliceCast has hit double digits!! Join the Malice Corp crew (Mest5150, Bcon, ICZorro, BigPapaMatt, SuperWhovianFreak, and Producer Jack Malice) for our 10th episode. It was a fun one. Make sure you catch up with all the things we talked about.

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Nerd Fight Poll Results: Best Flash Character

Last week’s nerd fight poll was best CW The Flash character, (minus the Flash). As always we took to Twitter, Reddit, and any other social media platform we could think of to try and get your votes for our picks. This weeks finale drove people to come vote. And we have so many people to thank for coming out and participating in the poll this week. The Flash’s greatest strength as a show stems from the amazing characters and actors it possesses. So who came out on top and was crowned Best Flash Character.

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MaliceCast Live! Episode 10: WE HIT DOUBLE DIGITS!!!

Our 10th episode for our flagship podcast MaliceCast Live! will be tomorrow Friday May 26, 2017 at 8 PM PST. It will be airing live on our YouTube channel. Make sure you come by and join us in our chat channel to talk Nerd News, Nerd Fight Poll, our thoughts on all the CW Finales, and the greatest movies released on Memorial Day Weekend. Here’s a little more detail.

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The Flash Season Finale Recap & Review Video

The day all of us The Flash fans have been waiting for has finally come and gone! Last night the CW Network aired The Flash Season Finale for season 3. This was an epic finale to say the least and left your Malice_Corp team with lots to talk about. If you have not seen the episode yet, go watch it and then come back here to watch our recap and reaction video. If you are behind on some episodes and not ready for The Flash season finale, go back and check out our last few YouTube videos that will help you get caught up. While you are there please subscribe to support us! We have a lot of fun doing these videos and even more fun interacting with all of you.

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Nerd Fight: The Flash Team

This week we are gearing up for a week of finales on the CW. We decided this weeks Nerd Fight would cover one of our team’s favorite show The Flash. The Flash is rich with wonderful characters and we look forward to engaging with all the flash fans to see who YOU think is the best Flash member. Here are this weeks contestants.

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Malice Corp on YouTube – Malice Cast Live Episode 9 – Shock and Awe

Your Friends at have released another video on their YouTube Channel. Malice Cast Live PodCast has been released on YouTube and your favorite podcast outlet.

Nerd News:
Michael Fassbender and Dark Phoenix
DCEU News – Black Adam with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Superman
Wonder Woman Day Event June 3, 2017
Video Game related news: Fractured But Whole gets release date, Zelda Game for Mobile Coming, and Injustice 2 wan why you should be playing
Witcher and Dark Crystal coming to Netflix

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Malice Cast Live Episode 9 – Shock and Awe

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The Flash Season 3 Finale Fan Theories Rant Video

We have been busy filming all kinds of videos for you this week as we are getting close to all the finales from the CW Network. Jack Malice and I filmed a quick video last night talking about The Flash season 3 finale fan theories. If you have not read my Finale Theory Article yet please go give it a read and also watch our reaction to season 3 episode 22. So, without further ado, you can watch our The Flash finale fan theories rant video below.

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Malice Corp Live Episode 9 – 5/19/2017 8 PM PDT

We are going to be back on YouTube tomorrow night with our ninth episode of our Malice Corp Live podcast. We are super excited to discuss this week’s happening as well as whats to come. Make sure that you join us on Friday 5/17/2017 8 PM PDT. Better yet go follow our Twitter and subscribe to the YouTube channel, just in case you forget we will send out reminders.

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The Flash Finale Theory: All’s Well that Ends Wells

I hope everyone has had a chance to see last night’s airing of The Flash on the CW Network. Even more so, I hope that you all have gone to YouTube to watch our video reaction to the episode. You can also read the quick article on the video here on Malice-Corp. If you have not watched the new episode 3 x 22 then please go watch it first, then watch our reaction video, and then come back here. There are SPOILERS ahead as I talk about theories for the Flash finale. So, you have been adequately warned.

I have several theories on what the The Flash finale for season 3 will hold. After filming our reaction video last night and while laying in bed restless, I thought of a few. So this article will cover 2 main theories that I think could happen in the finale.

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Goodbye old friend? Could this be the end of Malcolm Merlyn?

ou may remember an article that SuperwhovianFreak and I wrote back in April titled: Malcolm Merlyn Needs to be Feared Again in the Arrowverse! In this article, we pleaded with the Arrow writers to bring Malcolm Merlyn back to Arrow. However, we didn’t just want him back, we wanted the old devious bad-ass Magician back. We wanted Al Sa-Her. Well, it looks like we will be getting our wish but NOT exactly in the way we wanted or expected.

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Podcast Episode 5 Recap: Once More with Feeling

Podcast Episode 5 recap – Nerd News, Nerd Fight: Best CW Show and Best Supporting Buffy Character, 20 Years of Buffy

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Podcast Episode 5 coming tomorrow: Once More With Feeling

Results of the Best CW Show poll and the interesting things that happened with it this week. You still have a day left, so make sure to vote if you have not done so already. Next weeks poll will be best supporting Buffy the Vampire Slayer character. If you want yours in there make sure you’re on the live chat to make the nomination for the fans.

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Podcast Episode 4: This Soap Box is Getting Full

Episode 4 of our podcast is here for your viewing pleasure

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Podcast Episode 4 Preview: Doctor Who Companions and Best CW Shows

Hello to everyone out there in the Nerdiverse from your faithful friends here at Malice-Corp!

With the weekend fast approaching, we wanted to give you a podcast Episode 4 preview. We podcast a live episode every week on YouTube. You can actually join in my the conversation with us on the chat channel and give us your insights. This is also your chance as a viewer to throw in your favorite pick for our weekly nerd fight poll.

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