All Things Nerd S04E23: What Makes A Suit Super? – Weekly Nerd News

Season 4 Episode 23:
Get Your Geek On!
— The Malice Corp Geek Enthusiasts and Nerd Aficionados talk about what they’ve been doing since last episode. What you should be checking out, and what you should stay far away from? – 1:27
Nerd News:
— SpaceX Uniforms Designed By Hollywood Designer: Jose Fernandez the man behind the designs of many of Hollywood’s famous costumed heroes. Hired by Elon Musk to design an outfit for real life heroes. The astronauts for the SpaceX mission. – 12:19
— What’s Next for CW Batwoman: In the wake of Ruby Rose leaving the series. We were wondering what they were going to do about the titular character? The answer is a new character will don the wig and cowl. – 21:48
— What is Black Nitrogen?: A new element has been discovered that changes up what we knew about the periodic table. – 32:57
San Dimas High Grads Get A Most Excellent Message: Keanu Reeves and Alex Winters who play Bill S. Preston and Ted Theodore Logan left a message for the grads from their high school in the movie. – 41:03
Somebody’s Gotta Talk About It! The weird, odd, and funny stories that need to be talked about
— 24 Hour Meat Vending Machine: With the current climate of things meat vending machine popularity is on the rise, but would you buy your raw meat from a vending machine? – 48:07
— Restaurants Get Creative With Social Distancing: Restaurants are re-opening but they still need to keep people 6 feet a part. We look at some of the fun ways this is being achieved. – 57:35
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