SDCC 2018 Wrap Up: SyFy’s The Great Debate (Full Panel)

SyFy Presents: The Great Debate
Celebrities from the nerd & geek world debate all the real pressing questions. Who is the best captain? What is the best comic book weapon? Who’s the best Chris (Pratt, Hemsworth, or Evans)? and much more.

Moderator: Aisha Tyler
Panelists: John Barrowman, Felicia Day, Orlando Jones, Joe Manganiello, Adam Savage, and Janet Varney

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Robot for Hire: Made to Kill

Take your favorite retro-futuristic movie. Now take the robot that’s inevitably in that movie, and put him in The Maltese Falcon. Give him a private investigator’s license and make sure his secretary-with-the-sass is actually a supercomputer (and definitely the shot-caller in the operation). Then add some vintage Hollywood scenery and glamour to the mental picture and you’ve got the feel of Made to Kill by Adam Christopher.

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Poll Results: Who Was The Greatest Doctor Who Companion Of All Time?

This last week’s poll saw a fight for the ages. We pitted our favorite Doctor Who companions against each other. This poll has been our most popular to date garnering over one thousands votes. We were given a great assist by Karen Gillian and Billie Piper fan clubs, but the biggest lift came from one of the companions themselves. Actor John Barrowman himself gave us some Twitter love by retweeting the poll and activating his fan base.

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Supernatural Top 15 Bad guys, Part 3

I am here to continue my top 15 countdown with the next 3 “awesome” bad guys to come out of Supernatural. Reaching the top ten, I had to really sit down and think how to rate them. This top 10 comes down to not only deplorableness of their actions; but also just a personal preference of who I really enjoyed watching be the antagonist week in and week out. And it is so hard narrowing it down. It almost hurts me sometimes to leave a character off the list. Not having the character who took out Kevin Freaking Solo or the Styne family who killed Charlie is a bit of a travesty to me. I console myself by saying they are in the top 20.

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Star Wars Episode 8 – What’s to come?

I want to try and start up a conversation here with some of my fellow nerds here. Maybe get some fire in the bellies and start a nerd fight. You all know that they announced the title for episode 8 back in January; “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”. But what does that mean? What I found interesting that some people may have missed is that since they are expanding the universe out to include other story lines, they seem to be now referencing the original Movies, prequels, and now episode 7, 8, and 9 as ‘The Skywalker Saga”. That is very interesting to me, because of some of the assumptions and theories I have heard and formulated myself wouldn’t fit if episode 8 and 9 focus around Rey.

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My Supernatural Top 15 Bad Guys, Part 2

Continuing the Countdown

I am here to continue my top 15 countdown with the next 3 “awesome” bad guys to come out of supernatural. I cannot stress how hard it is picking and ranking only 15 people to talk about. The method to my madness is picking characters that had a recurring role on the series. So that is probably why you won’t see Godtsiel, or Demon Dean on the top 15 list. I loved them, but they didn’t get enough screen time to be true villains of the show. Enough rambling though, on with the list!

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