Preacher Season 2 premiere episode after show

BCON and TheBigPoppaMatt got together to talk about Preacher season 2 premiere episode last night. Check out the video they did on the Malice-Corp YouTube channel. I will warn you that there are spoilers. So, if you have not yet watched the episode, do that first. Preacher season 2 premiere episode On the Road aired on AMC Sunday 6/25/2017. The second episode of the season will air the very next day Monday 6/26/2017 in the normal 9pm time slot on AMC. So, check out last night’s video for the premiere episode and then come back to the YouTube channel later tonight to watch BCON and TheBigPoppaMatt talk about episode 2. They will have a weekly after show live YouTube stream every Monday night moving forward through season 2.

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