“All Things Nerd!” S03E17: Alien Day Trivia, New Words, Bond 25, & Clockwork Orange Sequel

Season 3 Episode 17
Alien Day Trivia:
— Celebrating 40 years of nobody being able to hear you scream in space. The Malicecasters test their knowledge of the original Alien film. Can you do better then them? Chances are you can.
Nerd News:
— New Dictionary Words 2019 – Merriam-Webster is at it again adding new words, and compound terms for 2019. Reactions and thoughts on language evolution abound.
— James Bond 25 – Small story details and cast have been announced for the 25th movie in the James Bond series. We talk the new villain, and whether it’s time for a new Bond?
— Clockwork Orange sequel – A pseudo-sequel to Clockwork Orange written by the original author has been found, and it’s missing an ending. Should it be released with a new writer fixing it, or should it be left alone?
Hashtag of the Week: Interact with the Malicecasters on social media using the below hashtags.
— @ICZorro – #ReadThisBook – What are the diamonds in the rough that need to be read?
— @SuperWhovianNut – #WhatYaReading – Let her know so she can read it too.
— @DasNewportKid – #GravitysRainbow – Read it, and tell him what you thought
— @Mest_Malicecorp – #MestUpWatcher – Check out the book Watchers by Dean Koontz, and let him know your thoughts
— @MasonicVader – #EndGameReaction – What were your Avengers: End Game reactions?
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“All Things Nerd!” S03E07 – Creepshow 2019, Opportunity Rover, & Nintendo Direct

Season 3 Episode 7:

Get Your Geek On! –
– The MaliceCast Geek Enthusiasts & Nerd Aficionados talk about what has been tickling their nerdy fancy. As well as the viewing audience in the interactive chatroom.

NERD FIGHT POLL – Most Improved TV Show Ever Debate
They started out us duds or just didn’t entertain us. However, If you would have stuck with the show got fantastic. This week’s NERD FIGHT is about those type of shows. The debate begins why each Malicecaster’s pick is the best, should be voted for, and crowned a Nerd Fight winner.
– Schitts Creek
– Fear The Walking Dead
– Psych
– The Orville
– Battlestar Galactica
– Stargate SG1
You can vote and decide a winner (Bragging Rights!) and a loser (Kicked from show for 2 weeks) at http://malice-corp.com/nerd-fight-most-improved-show/

Nerd News –
– New Creepshow TV Series
– Fans of the old anthology horror films inspired by the EC Comics of the 1950’s. We just got a new treat! A new Creepshow TV series with details of some episodes, who’s writing them, and a look at the new Creep.

– Opportunity Rover Memorial
– It is a time of Opportunity lost. After 15 years on the Mars planet surface. The opportunity roamer is no more. We thank the rover for the impact it had on science, and all the things it was able to outlast.

– Nintendo Direct February 2019
– Nintendo came out with great news for all the Nintendo faithful. Announcing new games to expect, but what didn’t get mentioned? We talk about the anticipation and the we wish we had more info items.

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