All Things Nerd 4.3: New Shows, Old Scripts, & Living Bricks

Season 4 Episode 3:
Get Your Geek On!
— The Malice Corp Geek Enthusiasts and Nerd Aficionados talk about what they’ve been doing since last episode. What you should be checking out, and what you should stay far away from? – 1:31
In A World: Trailer Reactions
— Morbius – 11:25
— Bloodshot – 20:19
Nerd News:
— CW Orders Superman and Lois and Walker Texas Ranger Series: The CW is gearing up for life without Arrow and Supernatural. Announcing the series orders for two new shows that are re-imaginings of two old shows. – 28:23
— Westworld at CES 2020: HBO brings their world of technology advancements to CES 2020 for a dinner with top tech companies and news sites. This was a dinner like no other, and the implications it has on how personal our lives are could shock you. – 38:19
— Colin Trevorrow’s Star Wars Episode VIIII Leaked: The title was “Dual of the Fates”, and that’s not where the differences end. Which story was better the one we didn’t get or the one we did? – 47:12
— Frankenstein Bricks: Science has created reproducing cement. Bricks that continue to duplicate. Making 1 brick become 2, and 2 become 4, etc. – 1:02:47
Somebody’s Gotta Talk About It: The odd, strange, downright funny story’s that somebody has to talk about!
— NASA Intern Discovers Planet on 3rd Day: A 17 year old NASA intern discovered a new planet on their third day. What’s your greatest accomplishment on your third day of work? – 1:09:23
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