“All Things Nerd!” Podcast Season 3 Best of Part 4

Look Back Topics
— Netflix Emmy Push: Netflix keeps canceling shows, and then asking for Emmy nominations for the shows they cancelled. Does the streaming service deserve the awards if they didn’t think the shows were good enough to be renewed?
— New Words 2019: Every year new words make it into the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, and every year we ask why? Also, what does that word even mean?
— Marvel Phase 4 Theories: After Avengers: Endgame we wondered what will happen next in the MCU. We discuss who we expect to show up, and who could the next big bad be after Thanos?
— Liquid Death Mineral Water: Nothing says hard core metal like mineral spring water. At least that’s what the creators behind Liquid Death think, and boy do we have reactions!
— Robert Pattinson’s Batman Casting: After the on again / off again saga that was Ben Affleck’s stand alone Batman film. Warner Bros, DC, and director Matt Reeves moved on. Recasting Robert Pattinson from Twilight fame into the cowl. Riddle us this? Was this a good decision or a killing joke?
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