Supernatural ‘Ship Wars

So I thought it would be fun to throw together some of my favorite ‘ships from the show and have them face off March Madness Style to see who the winner is. I know Supernatural is not a show built around romances. It is still fun to discuss the various relationships we have seen over the years.

This can be a polarizing topic, but I want this to be fun and fun only. I hope for no bashing of anyone or any ‘ships amongst the fans. Keep it fun and keep it friendly. Let’s meet the round 1 contestants:

Bobby/Ellen VS. Bobby/Jody

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The Musicality Behind Supernatural Seasons 1-3

Supernatural has had some amazing things going for it over the past 12 years. One of the strongest things it has had though has been the use of music to set the stage. Besides being an integral part of Dean’s character, the music throughout the series often works thematically to create memorable moments for the audience as well. Erik Kripke had a musical vision in mind and man did he ever nail it. He stated once:

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Supernatural Villains The Countdown Continues

The villain that started them all, and who left his mark all over seasons 1-5. He was the fanatical mastermind behind the release of Lucifer. Azazel is the reason the Winchesters became hunters. Thanks to Azazel killing Mary Winchester November 2, 1983 he forever altered the Winchester destiny. So here is why I think he ranks among the all-time supernatural greats.

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Supernatural top 15 bad guys continues

I’m baaaaack! Sorry for the long wait in between segments but I took some time to update all you beautiful people on the goings on in season 12. Now I am back to counting down the foes and adversaries that keep our Beloved Winchesters season to season. So without further adieu let us continue the countdown.

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