Supernatural ‘Ship Wars Round 2

So Round 1 went bye, and some ships took off and some went into a dogfight. It was so fun engaging with all of you over the past week. And so Now I bring you Round 2, pitting the winners from last week up against each other. So here are the Round 2 contestants:

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Supernatural ‘Ship Wars

So I thought it would be fun to throw together some of my favorite ‘ships from the show and have them face off March Madness Style to see who the winner is. I know Supernatural is not a show built around romances. It is still fun to discuss the various relationships we have seen over the years.

This can be a polarizing topic, but I want this to be fun and fun only. I hope for no bashing of anyone or any ‘ships amongst the fans. Keep it fun and keep it friendly. Let’s meet the round 1 contestants:

Bobby/Ellen VS. Bobby/Jody

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Supernatural Musical Moments Season 12

So Season 12 was a wild ride. Overall I enjoyed many of the episodes brought to us. There was just a few bumps in the road to the finale, which was a mixed bag for me. Parts I loved, parts drove me insane. But, let’s go back and remember why Supernatural still ranks among the best shows. And for me it all starts and ends with the memorable music it brings us.

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Supernatural Season 12 Finale Theories

So as I have been both anticipating and dreading the season finale of Supernatural I have been thinking over some theories in my head. There are so many theories floating around out there, but one of the ones I am choosing to focus on is Mr. Ketch. I have been trying to understand what the purpose has been showing the brainwashing scene. First off I have so many questions about this scene.

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