MaliceCast: The Epic Beardos 2018

The Epic Beardos
Our first ever award show! The Malice Corp geeks and nerds sat down argued and discusses what was the best in “All Things Nerd” for 2017. There were some disagreements, some name calling, and even a few people cried. However, the results were made, and this is what we came up with.

The winners donned the winning facial follicles from the epic beard of 2017 nerd fight poll.

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IXALAN is Coming – the New Release for Magic the Gathering

Hey all! Just want to give everyone a quick reminder that the new expansion from Magic the Gathering is coming, IXALAN!

The pre-release parties will be going on at all your local Game and Comic Book shoppes on September 23 – 24,2017. Coming to a pre-release party and playing well gives you the chance at winning more booster packs. Malice Corp will be covering the midnight release at Sky High Comics in San Diego, California. I can’t wait to get my release pack.

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Malice Cast Live Season 1 Ep 22: – Recap

Malice Cast Episode 22 is in the books. We recorded the most recent episode on August 18, 2017. Thank you to all that were in attendance and chatting it up in the live chat. If you haven’t been able to catch it. You can watch the attached video. Want to know a little more? The breakdown of this week’s cast continues after video. 

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Malice Corp on YouTube – Malice Cast Live Episode 9 – Shock and Awe

Your Friends at have released another video on their YouTube Channel. Malice Cast Live PodCast has been released on YouTube and your favorite podcast outlet.

Nerd News:
Michael Fassbender and Dark Phoenix
DCEU News – Black Adam with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Superman
Wonder Woman Day Event June 3, 2017
Video Game related news: Fractured But Whole gets release date, Zelda Game for Mobile Coming, and Injustice 2 wan why you should be playing
Witcher and Dark Crystal coming to Netflix

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Malice Cast Live Episode 9 – Shock and Awe

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Malice Corp Live Episode 9 – 5/19/2017 8 PM PDT

We are going to be back on YouTube tomorrow night with our ninth episode of our Malice Corp Live podcast. We are super excited to discuss this week’s happening as well as whats to come. Make sure that you join us on Friday 5/17/2017 8 PM PDT. Better yet go follow our Twitter and subscribe to the YouTube channel, just in case you forget we will send out reminders.

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SWTOR gives a little taste of what is to come in Update 5.2 teaser

Just want to pass this along to all the Star Wars: The old Republic fans that we have here at Malice-Corp. BioWare gave us this little teaser article this morning covering the story line for update 5.2. We learn what has brought the Republic and Empire back into conflict and a little bit about the newest battle ground: Iokath.

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SWTOR – Bad news for the Update 5.2 Live Stream

Well a bit of bad news! There seems to some form of technical difficulty plaguing our friends over at SWTOR. The much anticipated Update 5.2 Live Stream scheduled for today has been postponed until tomorrow according to their most recent tweet.

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SWTOR – This week’s Live Stream Event

Well tomorrow is Thursday and you know that means SWTOR live Stream. They skipped last week so we will finally get to hear all the details for patch 5.2. Malice-Corp will have a feature on this tomorrow after the stream and we will talk about it on the this weeks PodCast. I am excited to hear what is coming. I will be pulling Eighty-Sixer out of his short retirement to and tanking up a ‘Fire Storm’ on the shadow lands server on April 11th the current announced release date for the patch. So tune into the SWTOR live stream, read the follow article here on Malice-Corp, and maybe oh maybe join us for out live stream of the Malice-Corp PodCast on Friday to chime in on what you think of the up coming patch.

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SWTOR New – Eric Musco gives us more news on update 5.2

Eric Musco gave us another announcement of what we can expect in Star Wars the Old Republics much anticipated 5.2 update. This is again just a teaser taste, Eric has repeatedly told us we will learn more in their upcoming live stream that at the time I am writing this doesn’t have a specific time that I am aware of. SO cruel Eric, so cruel.

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