MaliceCast Season 2 Episode 2: Great Moments in Nerd – January

The geeks and nerds from Malice Corp dive into the history books to talk about all the great things from nerdom past. While discussing some of the current things going on in Nerd News. 

Updates from Spawn Movie in development by Todd McFarlane
Why you should be watching The Magicians.
Enjoy the video below and join us every Friday 8PM Pacific for the live stream of MaliceCast Live! on Twitch.

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Malice Cast Live Season 2 Ep 2: Great Moments in Nerd January

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Malice Corp on YouTube – Dotty D celebrates Mommy day with her Mom Mrs. Malice building Legos

Your Friends at have released another video on their YouTube Channel. Dotty D and Mrs Malice sit down to celebrate Mommy Day with a Lego build. They Build Kylo Ren and Rey buildable figures from the Star Wars buildable figures collection. Some real mommy daughter nerd time. Think they had more fun posing them and fighting with them then building them, but they had fun together and that is what counts on Mother’s Day.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Theory

Just in case you haven’t watched the new teaser trailer 100 times yet, or read every fan theory on the inter webs I’ve got some more right here for you. Before you continue you can check out the Mest5150 and his post with the new trailer also a detailed breakdown at Jedi RMB‘s article here

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