Supernatural ‘Ship Wars Round 2

So Round 1 went bye, and some ships took off and some went into a dogfight. It was so fun engaging with all of you over the past week. And so Now I bring you Round 2, pitting the winners from last week up against each other. So here are the Round 2 contestants:

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Supernatural ‘Ship Wars

So I thought it would be fun to throw together some of my favorite ‘ships from the show and have them face off March Madness Style to see who the winner is. I know Supernatural is not a show built around romances. It is still fun to discuss the various relationships we have seen over the years.

This can be a polarizing topic, but I want this to be fun and fun only. I hope for no bashing of anyone or any ‘ships amongst the fans. Keep it fun and keep it friendly. Let’s meet the round 1 contestants:

Bobby/Ellen VS. Bobby/Jody

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Nerd Fight Results: Best Supernatural Character

Good Day to all the Geek Enthusiasts and Nerd Aficionados!

Last week’s nerd fight poll was best Supernatural character. As always we took to Twitter, Reddit, and any other social media platform we could think of to try and get your votes for our picks. So who came out on top and was crowned Best SPN Character.
(Be aware there are some spoilers for the season 12 season finale. You have been warned)

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Nerd Fight Poll: Best Supernatural Character

We are back with another poll for this week. Last week saw the fight for the best Star Wars Non Force User. It was a bitter battle to the end between long time nemesis’ Boba Fett and Han Solo. Boba however pulled just ahead thanks to some retweets by the creator of Boba, Joe Johnston, and Daniel Logan. So a great shout-out to them for joining in the poll and voting for your favorite. It was a fun way to celebrate Star Wars week. Thanks to everyone for coming to the site and showing us some love.

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Supernatural Villains The Countdown Continues

The villain that started them all, and who left his mark all over seasons 1-5. He was the fanatical mastermind behind the release of Lucifer. Azazel is the reason the Winchesters became hunters. Thanks to Azazel killing Mary Winchester November 2, 1983 he forever altered the Winchester destiny. So here is why I think he ranks among the all-time supernatural greats.

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