Less Than Three Campaign Reflections

I can properly give some love to the Less Than Three Campaign that started this week. This sprung up from David Haydn-Jones and all proceeds are being donated to The Alzheimer’s Foundation of America. Things like this are another reason I love the Supernatural cast, and by extension their fans. They are all so invested in trying to make the world a better place, and it is really inspiring to not try and emulate that in your own life.

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Nerd Fight Results: Best Supernatural Character

Good Day to all the Geek Enthusiasts and Nerd Aficionados!

Last week’s nerd fight poll was best Supernatural character. As always we took to Twitter, Reddit, and any other social media platform we could think of to try and get your votes for our picks. So who came out on top and was crowned Best SPN Character.
(Be aware there are some spoilers for the season 12 season finale. You have been warned)

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Supernatural Villains the Countdown Continues

Continuing counting down the villains and adversaries on Supernatural that keep our beloved Winchesters busy season to season. So without further adieu let us continue the countdown.

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