Fear the Walking Dead Season 5 Ep 1 & 2 – TV Talks Reaction Podcast

Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 1: Here to Help, and Episode 2: The Hurt That Will Happen
Welcome back Geek Enthusiasts, Nerd Aficionados, and Dead Heads. Season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead is here, and with it the return of MaliceCast TV Talks 3 R’s (React, Recap, Review) Podcast. Breakdown weekly what was great, what was missed, and what can be made fun of. Thank you for checking us out, joining the conversation in the comments, reviewing, and subscribing. We hope you come back for more. Any further details about where to go for more continue scrolling down.

!!!THIS IS A SPOILER CAST. Don’t watch or read further if you don’t want to be spoiled.!!!!
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Episode Reactions:
— Welcome our favorite characters back?
— What do we think about all the new characters introduced?
— How is the easter egg for the Rick Grimes films going to play out?
— Who’s surviving this season?
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“IT” Director in talks to take on Dracula Origin film

This week the remake of the Stephen King classic mini-series and novel It releases to the theaters. While many were unhappy to see someone else don the clown make up of the character Pennywise. Made famous by Tim Curry’s portrayal of the character. The film has been getting rather good reviews from critics, and seems to be the first film to help come out of the 2nd half summer slump. When you have a film that is looking to trend. Well ,then you tend to have more projects offered in the waiting. It’s director Andy (Andrés) Muschietti has found himself in that wonderful situation.

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MaliceCast 10 : Episode Podcast Review

MaliceCast has hit double digits!! Join the Malice Corp crew (Mest5150, Bcon, ICZorro, BigPapaMatt, SuperWhovianFreak, and Producer Jack Malice) for our 10th episode. It was a fun one. Make sure you catch up with all the things we talked about.

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Quest for 100: Rivers of Blood and Monsters from “The Void”

Well if it isn’t…

Hello again, and welcome back to the latest trip on my Quest for ‘100 films in one year.’

On this edition I am talking about a film that completely surprised me, and has me staying up late to write this recap so that I can avoid the nightmares that are sure to come.

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