MaliceCast Season 2 Episode 2: Great Moments in Nerd – January

The geeks and nerds from Malice Corp dive into the history books to talk about all the great things from nerdom past. While discussing some of the current things going on in Nerd News. 

Updates from Spawn Movie in development by Todd McFarlane
Why you should be watching The Magicians.
Enjoy the video below and join us every Friday 8PM Pacific for the live stream of MaliceCast Live! on Twitch.

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World of Warships – Worth It? HSF Harekaze and HSF Graf Spee

Now I know what you are all thinking. “Isn’t the Graf Spee a ship from Germany? Why does it share the same prefix as the Harekaze, a Japanese ship? Well you’re right and technically Harekaze doesn’t exist. Recently Wargaming has partnered with another anime the last one being Arpeggio of Blue Steel but this time however the ships are rewards for challenges. Wargaming has released two new ships into the game from the Anime High School Fleet or better known as Haifuri. The two ships that were added was the tier VI ship HSF Admiral Graf Spee and the tier VIII HSF Harekaze.

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