Ghost Rider Companions (The Heart of Ghost Rider)

Please note that some of this article should be for mature readers only. Reader discretion is advised. Greetings Flame Heads. It is with sadness that I report that the latest series of Ghost Rider has been cancelled. However, the future of Ghost Rider will never be in doubt. We just have to wait a little longer. Like the fabled phoenix, Ghost Rider will rise from the ashes born anew and vengeance will be served. Ghost Rider has this feature built in him that allows any writer to change the person who bears the burden of the Spirt of Vengeance. You can see an article I wrote regarding this mechanism here (I also talk about Ghost Rider’s relationship to Doctor Who). With the cancelling of Ghost Rider, I am looking at why Ghost Rider is appealing to artists and writers. But I also want to keep an honest eye as to why the series cannot grab enough readers to maintain the series

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