All Things Nerd Best Of 2019 Part 2

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— Skybound and Baldur’s Gate: Skybound Games partners up to bring classic Dungeons and Dragons RPG Baldur’s Gate games to consoles. Some for the very first time.
— Opportunity Mars Rover Farewell: Opportunity has been giving us photos, and info about the planet Mars for the last 15 years. Finally failing to continue. We said good bye.
— New Nintendo of America President, Doug Bowser: Bowser took over as Nintendo of America’s president, and the internet had a field day with the announcement.
— Jason Mamoa Girl Scout Cookies: What happens when you think out of the box when selling Girl Scout cookies? You end up with on the box of the Samoa’s you’re selling, and go virile. We ask what other celebrity names should be tied to products?
— Disney+ Villains Original Series: Everybody loves Disney Villains, and Disney knows this. With the announcement of a villains show in the works. We give our reactions.
— RuRu’s Tacos Movie Quote Menu Items: Two things that every nerd and geek love tacos and movie quotes. Ru Ru’s Tacos combines this with using movie quotes for their menu items, and we used this chance to ask “What’s that Quote?” in a trivia game.
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