Nerd Moshpit Ep. 36 White Boy Rick, Mest5150, and Great British Baking Show

On this episode of Nerd Moshpit Matt, and Nick are joined by Mest 5150 of Malice Cast. They talk about

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MaliceCast S2 E3: Nerd Icon January 2018

Nerd Icon January 2018 –
The geeks and nerds from Malice Corp inductees the latest member into our Nerd Icon Hall of Fame. This Time around the nominees were – James Earl Jones, Lauren Graham, Betty White, and David Bowie. As well as our first Historic Nerd Icon JR Tolkien. 

Other moments on the cast delve into the Nerd News: 

New Ra’s Al Ghul in DC Comics
Steven Spielberg’s going musical with West Side Story Remake
Black Widow Movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Malice Cast Live Season 2 Ep 3: Nerd Icon January 2018

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Game of Thrones: The Spoils of War Reaction/Theories

Every week the Malice Corp crew sits down to talk with everyone out there in YouTube land about the most current episode of Game of Thrones. This week we talked about Season 7 Episode 4: The Spoils of War (GoT S7 E4). An in depth conversation with: Mest5150, Bcon, ICZorro, A-A-ron, SuperWhovianFreak, and Jack Malice. Giving our thoughts, reactions, and theories.

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Questions About GOT Seasons 7

OK so who else is super excited GOT is back from hiatus in 3 months? 3 months that we nerds now get to endlessly discuss and analyze the teaser trailers released by HBO. 2 trailers have been released as of now, one called “The Long Walk” and the second called “Sigils.” Neither trailer honestly offers up a whole lot of content. They were better however then watching ice melt for an hour to get the release date. And no, I did not watch the full block melt. I’m crazy but HBO found the crazy line I won’t cross.

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Supernatural Top 15 Bad guys, Part 3

I am here to continue my top 15 countdown with the next 3 “awesome” bad guys to come out of Supernatural. Reaching the top ten, I had to really sit down and think how to rate them. This top 10 comes down to not only deplorableness of their actions; but also just a personal preference of who I really enjoyed watching be the antagonist week in and week out. And it is so hard narrowing it down. It almost hurts me sometimes to leave a character off the list. Not having the character who took out Kevin Freaking Solo or the Styne family who killed Charlie is a bit of a travesty to me. I console myself by saying they are in the top 20.

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My Supernatural Top 15 Bad Guys, Part 2

Continuing the Countdown

I am here to continue my top 15 countdown with the next 3 “awesome” bad guys to come out of supernatural. I cannot stress how hard it is picking and ranking only 15 people to talk about. The method to my madness is picking characters that had a recurring role on the series. So that is probably why you won’t see Godtsiel, or Demon Dean on the top 15 list. I loved them, but they didn’t get enough screen time to be true villains of the show. Enough rambling though, on with the list!

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