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The Walking Dead S09xE16: The Storm
Recapping the main story lines of the episode:
— On the road to Hilltop: Ezekiel and the rest of The Kingdom leave behind their home, and brave the harshest of winter storms on the way to Hilltop.
— A New Hero: Negan continues to redeem himself, and become a new man.
TWD Headlines:
— Fear The Walking Dead Season 5 Trailer: Reaction to what little bit has been revealed, and saying hello to an old friend.
— The Walking Dead Universe Spin-Off #2: Another series has been green lit, and we talk whats known so far.
— Walker Stalker Con 2019: Some of the main headlines to come out of the convention for 2019. What to expect from Beta’s story line in season 10, and would Chandler Riggs ever come back?
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