MaliceCast TV Talks: The Walking Dead 9×9 – Adaptation

The Walking Dead S09xE09:Adaptation

Recapping the main storylines of the episode:
– Michonne’s group returns to Hilltop with a deceased friend and a prisoner.
– Luke and Aldon set out on a two man adventure only to find what they aren’t looking for.
– The Rosita love triangle is getting really crowded.
– Negan goes on a walk about.

Comic Bokk Vs. Show Comparison:
– How did everything play out in the epsisode versus the comic book?

TWD Headlines:
– Could Lauren Cohan’s Maggie have her own spin-off series?
– Is the showing setting up Aldon and Luke to be the head’s on sticks from the Whisperer’s at the Fair?
– Danai Gurriera is leaving the show in season 10. Despite all efforts of the writers and show runners. Are we looking at a end to the series?

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Nerd Fight: Best TV Show 2018 (Non-Streaming)

We are back, with our second Nerd Fight of the new year! last week we put original content up against original content, and got to see what everyone thought was the best original binge of 2018. Altered Carbon squeaked out a victory in the end. So continue the epic binging trend our cast did in 2018 we go on to the new Nerd Fight of Season 3. As good as original content from Netflix is, there is something to be said for the drama of cable network.

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Lets Talk Dead – Part 1

As most already know we had a small scare that Season 8 may or may not get written, which gave me a big time scare and had me biting my nails!  But they are working on it now and everything is okay. As normal The Walking Dead will have it’s first episodes in October. I can’t wait to see what happens, will the fight with Negan be kept going for 16 more episodes or will the team we all love win with in the first few episodes. I for one would love to see Negan eat by tiger but at the same time I find him to be one of there best bad guys Rick and his family have faced ( beside zombies). Again this show is something I love and look forward to watch when it airs again in October. But on to more about The Walking Dead.

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SDCC 2017: The Walking Dead

This years San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) recap continues with videos for AMC’s The Walking Dead panel. The panel took place inside the famed Hall H that holds around 6,500 people in it. This was unlike any Walking Dead panel that had happen before. Typically the panel is moderated by Chris Hardwick. However, due to unforeseen circumstance that happened the week prior Chris sat this one out. This was a panel for the fans first and foremost.

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