Preacher Episode 5 of Season 2 After Show – “Dallas”

BCON, SuperWhovianFreak, and Mest5150 all got together to talk about Preacher episode 5 Dallas last night. So, come see what the Malice-Corp team has in store for you this week. Check out the video they did on the Malice-Corp YouTube channel. I will warn you, there are SPOILERS!

Season 2 has been absolutely amazing so far. So, if you have not yet watched the episode, do that first. Preacher season 2 premiere episode On the Road aired on AMC Sunday 6/25/2017 and we have a video for that episode. Episode 3 of the season aired Monday 7/3/2017 in the normal 9pm time slot on AMC and you can check out that aftershow video. Episode 4 video is up on YouTube as well. So, check out our video for Preacher episode 5 and go watch the videos for the first four episodes as well.. Malice-Corp will have a weekly after show live YouTube stream every Monday night through season 2.

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