Conan Exiles Update 27

The Conan Developers have decided to throw in some game balancers here! All of the God avatars damage have been toned back for balance reasons and well now you can actually hurt them. So when that enemy raiding clan attacks with their Avatar you can fight back and maybe win the day before their god rains down destruction on your base!

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Malice-Cast Episode 2

This weeks podcast had 5 segments and a surprise 6th segment. Listen in as we break done the weeks top nerd news.

We discuss this weeks poll of who is the most powerful wizard. As well as the results, though many of us weren’t happy with it. We sucked up our pride and took the results with a smile. We also talked about next week’s poll Best Quentin Tarantino Film. Listen in to find out what we chose for this upcoming week’s nerd fight poll combatants.

We had an in-depth analysis of BCON’s article focusing on whether the CW and Netflix comic book shows is what’s keeping their respective movie universes afloat.

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Conan Exiles update 23 already here! The Trebuchet

This is the first of the announced siege engines to go live. I will allow you to batter and smash enemy bases and installations from beyond the range of their thrall defended. But don’t think this is just a “I win button”. They have baked in some features that make the Trebuchet require multiple hits and some skill to hit your targets.

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Conan Exiles reports issues with Update 22, requiring hotfix.

There has been reports of issues with some private servers after the release of update 22 today. The developers and people over and Conan Exiles have tweeted they are working on a hotfix that should be available tonight. You can find more information on this here at Malice-Corp or as they release information on Conan-Exiles twitter:

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Conan Exiles – Patch Notes and announcements for update 22

Hey Guys Update number 22 is here for Conan Exiles. We now have access to the dye System, some new weapons, animated Thralls, feat requirements have been tweaked, and more new craft able armor sets, plus some other new news for all Conan Exile players. This article is going to just cover the patch changes not the new features. Stay tuned for the next article where I will dive into the new features. Remember everyone that Conan Exiles is a mature game and not for those that are under the age of 18.

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Malice-Corp is proud to announce the Malice-Corp Conan Exiles private server. Looking for a place to play Conan Exiles? Well you can play with Malice-Corp on our server. Register with the Malice-Corp and then the “Conan Exiles Server access request” to submit your request for access to the ‘Darkening Dawn’ Conan Exiles Server, brought to you by

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