Malice Cast Live S2 E17: Star Wars Day, Infinity War, and More

Season 2, Episode 17:
Star Wars Day May the 4th
– Best Wookie Roar #RoarForChange details:
– Who would disappear in the Star Wars univers if Infinty War took place there
Black Widow Movie Director Search
Cinemacon Vegas News: Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, Lion King, and Halloween Sequel

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Malice Cast Live S2 E14: Movie Trailer Reaction & Review

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Nerd Fight: Best Non-Force Character Results

This week’s Nerd Fight has come to a close. A long time ago in a Twitterverse very close to your vicinity. We went to battle for Best Non-Force User in the Star Wars Universe. We pulled out our blasters and proceed to try and take each other out. In the end only one could still be left standing. Who was it?

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Nerd Fight: Best Non-Force User

We will be getting all the articles back up as soon as possible but for those that want to go to the link previously posted about the current nerd fight. This URL has been created as a place holder for the poll until the article is re-written. Once again thank you for your understanding during this time.

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Star Wars Celebration 2017 starts with a bang

Star Wars Celebration 2017 kicked off yesterday. For a large number of attendees the convention started for them on Wednesday. Getting in line over night in order to be in the room when the opening ceremonies began. For people like myself who weren’t able to make it to the show. I got up early and put on the Star Wars channel on YouTube. Where they stream the main panels live.

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