“All Things Nerd!” Podcast Season 3 Best of Part 9

Look Back Topics
— Barney the Dinosaur Live Action Film: Everything is primed for a reboot or remake into live action. This includes the purple dino that sang about loving us, and us loving him. So why wouldn’t we all love to have a Barney film?
— Obi-Wan Kenobi Series: Disney announced a new Star Wars: Kenobi series featuring the return of Ewan McGregor to the role for Disney +. Finally something that not one fan could be mad about!
— Benioff and Weiss Drop Out of Star Wars: After all the speculation of Game of Thrones final season being lack luster because of D&D’s deal for their Star Wars trilogy. They went and signed a massive deal with Netflix, and backed out of Lucasfilm.
— Superman Drops His Secret Identity: Brian Michael Bendis and DC Comics decide to create another shakeup in the world of comics. Superman will no longer have a secret identity. How long will this last, and is it just another story gimmick to sell issues?
— Star Wars Maclunkey Edit: The debate on who shot first Han Solo or Greedo has new competition. An added phrase before Greedo’s demise “Maclunkey”, but what the heck does it all mean?
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