All Things Nerd S04E26: Return Of A Legend – Weekly Nerd News

Season 4 Episode 26:
Get Your Geek On!
— The Malice Corp Geek Enthusiasts and Nerd Aficionados talk about what they’ve been doing since last episode. What you should be checking out, and what you should stay far away from? – 1:18
Hey What Happened!?
— We don’t always catch everything, and sometimes we need to take a look back. This week we had a friend and originator of the All Things Nerd podcast join the show after not seeing him for 2 years. So we need to catch up, and ask BCON “Hey What Happened!?” – 6:19
What The Upfronts – TV Pilots
— The Malice-Casters try to guess what a new TV Show coming to our TV Sets is about based on show title alone. – 13:06
— This weeks shows:
1. The Lincoln Lawyer
2. Good Sam
3. Housebroken
4. The Cleaning Lady
— Let us know what you thought each show was about in the comments.
Nerd News:
— Michael Keaton Returning to the Role of Bruce Wayne and Batman: If you think Keaton was the best Batman. Get your bat diapers on because he’s apparently returning to the role for the upcoming Flash film. Not only will he appear in Flashpoint, but he’s rumored to come on as a Nick Fury style role that will seem him appear in multiple DC Comics / Warner Bros films. – 22:36
— DC Comics Leaves Diamond Distribution: A landslide move in the world of comic books. DC Comics decided enough is enough, and took 30% of Diamond Distributors business away, but who’s the bad guy here? – 37:08
— The Magic School Bus Is Getting A Live Action Movie: Elizabeth Banks will be producing, and starring as Ms Frizzle. Thoughts on another 90’s children’s programming property being made into a film with Elizabeth Banks? – 43:33
Somebody’s Gotta Talk About It! The weird, odd, and funny stories that need to be talked about
— Kentucky Friend Chicken Has A Video Game Console Coming: We all assume it’s a joke, but KFC revealed the trailer for the KFConsole. A next gen system that will rival PS5 & Xbox 1X. – 51:49
— The Baby Yoda Bop It Toy Is Coming: In the “yeah they’re making that news” Hasbro is coming out with a Bop It toy that requires you to bop, smack, or punch The Child. – 1:00:01
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