Arrow Season 5 Finale: Lian Yu, Reactions & Recap Video

The day all of us Arrow fans have been waiting for has finally come and gone! Last night the CW Network aired Arrow Season 5 Finale. This was an epic finale to say the least and left your Malice-Corp team with lots to talk about. If you have not seen the episode yet, go watch it and then come back here to watch our recap and reaction video. If you are behind on some episodes and not ready for the Arrow season finale, go back and check out our last YouTube video that will help you get caught up. While you are there, please subscribe to support us! We have a lot of fun doing these videos and even more fun interacting with all of you. We mentioned in that reaction video for episode 22 that this is how you set up for an epic finale. Season 5 has been a great season for Arrow and particularly for the character development of Oliver Queen. The finale was an amazing finish to a great season. Watch our reaction video and please leave your comments below and also in the YouTube channel.

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