“All Things Nerd!” 3.21: Geek Movies Update, Playstation Movie Studio & Phantom Menace Trivia

All Things Nerd! Season 3 Episode 21:
Get Your Geek On!:
— What have you been up to, or what should we be checking out, that keeps you geeking out to pass the time. We talk about some of the stuff that tickles our nerd fancy.
What’s Your Geek Knowledge!? :
— The Malicecasters play trivia, and generally not very well. This episode we focus on Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace in celebration of it’s 20th anniversary.
Nerd News:
— Geek Movies Update:
— Sonic the Hedgehog: When we can expect the blue speedster to hit the big screen?
— Mortal Kombat: What do we hope to see in the film remake?
— Alien Sequels: Are any more coming?
— Spawn: Todd McFarlane talks about what’s going on, and if the new version is still coming?
Sony New Playstation Movie Studio:
— “Great Video Game Movie!” a phrase that is impossible to utter. Sony decides to change the way of doing things, and we ask is it time to finally get a great video game movie?
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