SWTOR gives a little taste of what is to come in Update 5.2 teaser

GREETINGS TO ALL FROM MALICE-CORPJust want to pass this along to all the Star Wars: The Old Republic fans that we have here at Malice-Corp.  BioWare gave us this little teaser article this morning covering the story line for update 5.2.  We learn what has brought the Republic and Empire back into conflict and a little bit about the newest battle ground:  Iokath.

Update 5.2 teaser

From the SWTOR teaser article
Visit SWTOR to read the article!

Faction Warfare returns

Well it looks like the peace between the Republic and the Empire is coming to end, if there was ever any peace there to begin with.  I really wish this article had more meat to it, but it is what it was meant to be a teaser plain and simple.  Hopefully we will get a lot more in today’s live stream!  The article gives us a few ideas about what we will be fighting for on Iokath.  Basically we are hunting resources to help the galaxy recover from the war and well SUPER WEAPONS!

So as always strap on your blasters, fuel up your flamer throwers, and polish your beskar’gam cause this Mando is going to WAR!
Jack Malice, Contributor and founder

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