SWTOR New – Eric Musco gives us more news on update 5.2

GREETINGS TO ALL FROM MALICE-CORP.COMEric Musco gave us another announcement of what we can expect in Star Wars the Old Republic’s much anticipated update 5.2. This is again just a teaser taste. Eric has repeatedly told us we will learn more in their upcoming live stream. At the time I am writing this, the stream doesn’t have a specific time yet. SO cruel Eric, so cruel.

Eric’s Developer trackers post

Eric Musco 5.2 announcement

Hey folks,

With the launch of 5.2 “The War for Iokath” we wanted to be sure to encourage PvP wherever possible. It is a part of the design of the Missions on Iokath that players will be running into each other fairly often. This afforded us the opportunity to make PvP more of a focus beyond just a place for open world PvP to occur. Here are some of the things that set Iokath apart as it relates to PvP:

  • In open world PvP, enemies and allies will be determined by the Faction you choose to fight for, not the faction your Class is a part of.
    • Ex: If you are Trooper who chose to fight for the Republic, you will be flagged as an enemy against a Jedi Knight who is fighting for the Empire.
    • Choosing which Faction to side with has no effect on your character outside of Iokath.
  • You will be able to loot Iokath specific currency from other players that you kill. You will not actually be stealing that currency from them, but it will “drop” from them similar to how it works for NPCs.
  • On Iokath you can spend that currency to do special things such as piloting a walker. You will be able to pilot the walker in the same area as other players and use said walker for murderous intent against enemy players.

As you can see there are some specific additions that we are making in 5.2 to really encourage open world PvP play. Let us know if you have any questions about these changes.


Malice’s Thoughts

OK, this update 5.2 has me jazzed and fired up people! We are getting more world PvP! That’s right, and I really dig the idea of mixing the factions all up. Having Sith on the Republic side and Operatives or Bounty Hunters fighting for the Republic. This adds some much needed new depth to the PvP dynamaic! I am a bit sad there is no new word on a new War Zone. That still may be coming soon, I hope.

Well, let’s talk about this more in the comments below. Let me know your thought or questions. I can tell you Eighty-Sixer will be dusting off his flame thrower and shield generator to do some heavy tanking. Not to mention, my Buddy on Cowboykiller on shadowlands server says: “Let’s melt some noob faces!”

Jack Malice, Contributor and founder

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