SWTOR Game Update 5.2 release news

GREETINGS TO ALL FROM MALICE-CORP.COM. So just a little bit of a teaser for all the SWTOR fans.  Eric Musco wrote a bit of a tease on the SWTOR forums on Thursday.  From which we can expect to start seeing more information starting Monday, March 27, 2017 about Update 5.2.

This is great news as we haven’t seen any real information out of BioWare and EA over the last few weeks on what is going on with the next update.  While this is not exactly details of what is to come, but it is news that we should now soon.

The update 5.2 Post:

Eric Musco forum post on 5.2
Eric Musco forum post on 5.2

The five points

  • New Galaxy Map
  • PvP on Iokath
  • The Daily Area – What’s different and what’s the same
  • Access to Iokath – Who, When, How
  • Choosing a Faction on Iokath

What does this mean?

Honestly, the little bit of information he gave here and how it is written gives us not a lot other then fact that we will learn more later.  At first I thought after reading it means that Iokath was going to be an open PvP area.  While that is still possible that is not what the post says.  In context all it says is that they will be telling us about what PvP will be like if any on Iokath.  But it does have me want to keep watching for more news.  DAMN YOU ERIC!  You craft these post so well as to just intrigue and entice but tell us nothing!

My Reactions:

Taking a look at his 5 bullet points I start to get excited and think maybe it is time to dust off Eighty-Sixer and get back into some SWTOR PvP or GSF.  But, I think I will temper my excitement and wait to see what happens.  I really don’t need an excuse to want to go out and mix it up in an Arena or War Zone, but I am a little burnt out on Heroics, Dailies, and the CXP grind.  Hit me up with your thoughts below.  You tired of the CXP grind or ready for some more.

Jack Malice, Contributor and founder


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