SWTOR and Eric Musco Announces Update 5.2 Delay


Hey guys just a super quick blurb! UPDATE 5.2 has been delayed according to the @SWTOR twitter and the SWTOR forums. The 5.2 delay means we will be waiting another week!  We will all now be waiting on pins and needles till the 18th of April.  So, stay tuned for more SWTOR news.

What I want to know is: will the CXP event continue now for another week?!?  Let me know what you think in the comments below.  How does this change your plans for the week?  Will you now be leveling alts or going for those last few levels of CXP? We here at Malice Corp want to hear from you!

Eric Musco’s SWTOR Forum Notice of the 5.2 delay

Forum post


If you want to try and keep up with the Forum thread, I have included it here .  So, once again, thanks for visiting.  Like, share, and follow us on your favorite social media or stop by the YouTube channel for a look at the Malice-Corp PodCast and other videos.

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