SWTOR – 5.2 update live stream finally

GREETINGS TO ALL FROM MALICE-CORPAfter several delays due to technical difficulties the SWTOR team has brought us the much awaited 5.2 Update Stream.  Malice-Corp highly suggest you take the time to watch it!  They provided us with a lot of great insight into the quality of life improvements they are making to the SWTOR.

5.2 Update Live Stream


  1. Community Topics
  2. Game Update 5.2 – The War for Iokath
  3. New Daily area and Player vs. Player
  4. Gods from the Machine
  5. New Galaxy Map
  6. SW: Celebration

Community Topics

They covered in Unassembled Components will not be made legacy in 5.2 – They have not decided how they want to handle this.  More information will be provided on this via a post or maybe the next stream.  They do intent to provide some solution to make Unassembled legacy based in someform.

Class Changes – Nothing in 5.2. but balance changes maybe coming.

Command XP after the boost event ends – The base rates will go down, but all NPCs will now give CXP. So the math is changing but it should feel the same after the event.

Spending Tokens, Unsassembled pieces, and Unassembled components – Vendors are getting a rework and Tier 1 gear being added to vendors to make it easier to gear up alts.  Vendors will now show only the gear of your specific character and current discipline.  You can use drop downs to see the other gear but it is intended to give a cleaner experience with your shopping for gear.

Game Update 5.2 – The War for Ikoath

Iokath – The planet is filled with all the technology that powered the Eternal Empire and has become the center of a war between the Republic and the Empire as they hunt for resources and rumors of a Super weapon.

Two companions coming back – Malavai Quinn will be available if the you ally with the Sith Empire or Elara Dorne if you side with the republic.  There are many different branches you can take and well previous decisions may effect some of the dialog with them when you are re-united with them.

New Daily Area and PVP

The new daily area is accessible even if you have not finished all the story content you just have to be level 70 to go to Iokath.  But as Eric pointed out you may not understand a whole lot of the cut scene if you haven’t finished the story.  If there is a plot point that is important to a cut scene that you haven’t completed a random one will be selected for you.

What to do there- Collect Iokath currency tokens to be able to pilot a walker, use a mouse droid, control a Iokath monitor droid, or drop a stationary turret and blast away!  The turret seems like a huge game changer in PvP!

Selecting a side! – Back the Republic or the Empire will change the daily game play.  The game for story line will remember your first choice but you can change it daily once.  But for future stories the first is the one that will matter.  By changing sides you can group with other friends to advance on side over the other.

No Ilum lag-fest? – Ikoath PvP performance can slow down but they have stated that it will be a lot better then old Ilum.

Thrill of the kill – Killing other players drop loot.  You are not stealing the loot but you will get Ikoath currency from them just like the NPCs.

Season 8 – No information on rewards or when the season will end.

Gods from the Machine

Tyth – the first operation boss ‘Gods from the Machine’ will be available in update 5.2 for you PvEers to test your metal against.

New Galaxy map

New Galaxy map – always available lets you quick travel to any planet from any where, if you have all the perks.

SW: Celebration

SW: Celebration – Thursday in Orlando.  SWTOR Cantina on Friday the 14th and there will be swag and free drinks for everyone over 21. The Cantina they will have an opportunity to try and beat Tyth for a special prize, that they didn’t tell us about intentionally Eric must want it to be a suprise.

Well that’s all that I have on the lie stream.  Did I miss something, if so let me know in the comments below.  Remember to share, like, and follow us on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram!
Jack Malice, Contributor and founder

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