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Supernatural: The Best of Every Season

What Episodes Come Out on Top Seasons 1-4

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So having just recently returned from my excursion to #SPNLV a few weeks ago, seeing Gabriel Tigerman, I started thinking back to the beginning of Supernatural. Sometimes it is hard to grasp the enormity of everything this show has done. But when someone asked me what character Gabriel played on the show, I realized we needed to get back to the roots of what we loved. And no I am not here to say that Seasons 1-3 was the glory years and everything after sucked. I just realized that the show has grown so much, some of these iconic characters have gotten lost by the wayside.

Come take a journey with me as I highlight my personal favorite episodes from each season. I will also be throwing in my favorite side character from each season. Because as much as I love Team Free Will, I love and adore some of these side characters as well.

Season 1:

Image result for supernatural provenance
Can I just say Sam’s hair is magnificent here

Favorite Episode: Provenance 

Maybe this is an odd choice to some. But I loved this episode so much. It gave us a Sam who was slowly coming out of his grief. A strong smart self reliant female in Sarah who I was very sad they didn’t bring back. A creepy sadistic killer, who gave me serious chills. Child killers are no joke. Witty writing, Caring big brother Dean, what more could you want in an episode? On the plus side, Sam gets to save the girl, helping him move past the girl he didn’t save.

Favorite Quote: “I’m the one who burned the doll, destroyed the spirit. Don’t thank me or anything.”

Runner Up: HomeImage result for supernatural home season 1 gifs

Honestly this episode has everything. This episode still ranks as one of the most memorable they have done over 13 seasons. It was very nearly flawless. The only reason I didn’t pick it as my favorite is because I feel like this is the easy choice. I loved Missouri, she was another underutilized character. I loved seeing the vulnerability of the brothers, finally getting to see John Winchester at the end. The raw grief Jensen acts with throughout the whole episode was powerful. Watching Jared’s face listening to how Dean carried him out of the fire. So many feels, feels everywhere.

Favorite Quote: “Well, one thing’s for damn sure. Nobody’s dying in this house ever again.”


Season 2:

Image result for supernatural tall tales gifsFavorite Episode: Tall Tales

Introducing the Trickster, hello need I say more? This episode may not have been the most emotionally powerful (the opener and finale take that cake) but it is still brilliant. This was classic Supernatural, from a snarky bad guy, to brothers bickering, to Bobby coming into save the day. The flashbacks to how each brother views the other was hilarious. I loved exploring old urban legends, and the fact that they were used to dole out justice was priceless. Slow dancing aliens to Lady in Red never gets old.

Favorite Quote: “Oh I’m sure he has, it’s just your standard haunted campus, alien abduction, alligator in a sewer gig.”

Runner Up: NightshifterImage result for supernatural nightshifter gifs

Honestly Season 2 had way too many episodes to pick from. I think the season finale and opener stands in a class of their own honestly. This episode was smart, gave us a tragic hero in Ronald, and frankly the best ending ever in television series. I challenge you to ever hear renegade and not picture Sam and Dean running away in FBI gear and fleeing in the Impala. Plus the shapeshifter episodes are some of my all time favorites. Plus watching Sam and Dean deal with a conspiracy nut is fantastic. The fact that it is Dean who relates to Ronald was a nice twist.

Favorite Quote: “You shut up! I ain’t talking to you. I don’t like you!” “Fair Enough”


Season 3:

Image result for supernatural fresh blood gifsFavorite Episode: Fresh Blood

Because of the writers strike season 3 was a little stilted overall. However, vampire Gordon rocked, and this episode really stood out in a season that felt muddled. Sterling K. Brown is one of my favorite actors on television, and he played such a great sadistic bad-ass. It featured some great moments at the end between Dean and Sam. I really liked how it pushed Dean to confront the way he was handling his demon deal. And it probably gave Sam his most bad ass moment ever, decapitating Gordon with a wire.

Favorite Quote: “It’s just, I wish you would drop the show and be my brother again, ’cause… just ’cause.”

Image result for supernatural mystery spot gifsRunner Up: Mystery Spot

I have a weakness for the Trickster episodes. And this one knocked it out of the park. Supernatural meets Groundhog day was priceless. And for being such a funny episode overall, it really hit the emotional moments at the end. The lesson that Sam learned at the end was heartbreaking. Richard was phenomenal in this episode, and it gave supernatural fans a new song to obsess over.#PigInAPoke #AsiaRules

Favorite Quote: “Of course, I peed myself. Man gets hit by a car, you think he had full control of his bladder? Come on!”


Season 4:

Image result for supernatural on the head of a pin gifsFavorite Episode: On the Head of a Pin

This is probably one of the finest hours of television I have ever watched. Christopher Heyerdahl was deliciously sadistic, and Jensen matched his level in every scene. The manipulations of Ruby, Sam going dark-side to kill Alastair – it was brilliant writing. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Misha handle the confliction Cas is facing, seeing him begin to stray down the path of rebellion. despite the darker tone of this episode I can watch it over and over again.

Favorite Quote:  “It’s your professionalism that I respect.”

Runner Up: Yellow FeverImage result for supernatural yellow fever gif

Season 4 honestly had some of my all time favorite episodes. I picked this one because it had the best opening of a supernatural episode ever. I give Jensen props for acting utterly terrified of a Yorkie in a pink bow. And let’s face it – we got the best blooper reel highlights ever from this episode. Nothing will ever beat Jensen’s eye of the tiger or terrified shrieks from seeing a cat. But even with all the hilarious bloopers and jokes, there was still a serious element. It reminded you that secrets were being kept by Dean, and as we know that never ends well on Supernatural. And also big props to the girl that plays Lilith in Dean’s hallucination – she is still sufficiently terrifying.

Favorite Quote: “Sam, I’m not going to make a left hand turn into oncoming traffic. I’m not suicidal. Did I just say that? That’s kind of weird.”



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