Supernatural Villains The Countdown Continues

I’m back, and again you all have my apologies. I am here to continue with the penultimate Villain of Supernatural. So let the countdown commence with Mr. Original Villain, Azazel.

Supernatural Top 15 Villains #2

2.) Azazel

The villain that started them all, and who left his mark all over seasons 1-5. He was the fanatical mastermind behind the release of Lucifer. Azazel is the reason the Winchesters became hunters. Thanks to Azazel killing Mary Winchester November 2, 1983 he forever altered the Winchester destiny. So here is why I think he ranks among the all-time supernatural greats.


Azazel, aka The “Yellow Eyed Demon” as referred to by the Winchesters. He was one of the Generals of Hell commanding the armies of Hell. Azazel planned to bring his army of black-eyed demons forth from Hell to unleash upon the world in preparation for the Apocalypse. He was devoted to his desire to release Lucifer from the cage. He was often referred to as a Tyrant by other demons. Even though he was hated he maintained his hold over Hell until he was killed. His power was so strong it kept the other demons in compliance. No one in Hell (except maybe Lucifer) was sad when he was killed.

Lucifer created him, and the other 3 Princes of Hell. Azazel kept faith in Lucifer even after other demons gave up on his return. Eventually he discovered the site where the cage opened and how to contact him through it. He used his relationship with his Demon daughter (Meg) to further his plans to release Lucifer.

On Lucifer’s instructions, he created the Special Children that get introduced throughout seasons 1-2. It is during this mission that he encounters Mary Campbell. After killing her parents and her fiance John Winchester, he convinces her to make a demon deal. If she agrees to allow him access to her home in the future he would bring John back to life. This leads to Azazel visiting Sam’s nursery, and killing Mary when she discovered him. He burns her on the ceiling which sets fire to the Winchester home. These actions caused John to pursue Azazel for the rest of his life, altering the Winchester’s lives forever.

Season 1

Fun Fact, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was the first vessel to represent Azazel on the show

All the Characters talk about The Yellow Eyed Demon throughout the season. However he doesn’t actually enter the series himself until episode 21, Salvation. The Winchesters have tracked him to Salvation Iowa where he is attempting to turn another child into one of his “Special Children.” No one knows at this point what he is doing to them though or why. Sam manages to interrupt Azazel and save the family. Meg kidnaps John to use him as leverage for the boys to return the Colt. Sam and Dean torture Meg and banish her to hell. This causes an angry Azazel to possess John as revenge. He uses John to torture both Dean and Sam, until John regains control. Sam refuses to kill John, then Azazel flees and has another demon crash a semi into the Impala.

In the crash Dean is close enough to death he is seeing reapers. John summons Azazel and offers the Colt in exchange for saving Dean. He then tells John that he wants John’s soul and his death. Later, in exchange for John’s life and the Colt, Azazel takes over the reaper Tessa and heals Dean. Although why he wanted John’s soul at this point we don’t really know. It just appears he is a sadistic bastard who wants to torture John in Hell for hunting him over the years.

Season 2

In Season 2, we meet more of the people who have gifts like Sam. It is still not clear though on what he plans to do with them. He is screwing with them though, as we come to find out. He succeeds in turning Ansem and Ava and Jake evil, drove Scott to seek therapy, and tried his damnedest to corrupt Sam too. I call him the Chess Master, the best Supernatural has produced. Totally would fit right in with Varys and Littlefinger in the GOT world. Azazel’s approach is to take away everything that his victims care about and take advantage of their emotional states to manipulate them into giving him what he wants.

Outside of manipulating the psychic children, Azazel also releases some sort of demonic virus in episode 9, Croatoan. He does this to lure Sam and Dean in, to see if Sam is immune to the Croatoan Virus. Turns out Sam is, which clearly means that Sam fits into Azazel’s plan. In the 2 part season finale All Hell breaks Loose 1/2 Azazel whisks all the remaining psychic children away to a frontier town. He gathers them all for a battle royale against each other.

He appears to Sam in a Dream, where he tells Sam he is his favorite, and shows Sam a vision of the night that the demon visited him. The children are fed demon blood. Its also shows us that Mary recognized the demon. Jake kills Sam in the end, which we know gets Dean to sell his soul to bring him back.

Azazel has moved on to Jake by this point, as he was the winner. He gives Jake the colt, and Jake threatens to shoot Azazel. Azazel tempts Jake with health and wealth. He promises security for his family as well, causing Jake to lower the Colt. Jake agrees to enter the Devil’s Trap and use the Colt as a key to open a gate to Hell.

So to break down why he needs a human (though why it has to be a psychic still isn’t clear) is the gate to hell has a devils trap he cannot cross surrounding it. When Jake opens the gate the demons escaping Hell break the trap. When Azazel crosses over he is immediately attacking Dean. He uses telekinesis to grab the Colt and pin Dean to the ground. He taunts Dean that whatever Dean brought back is probably not “100% pure Sam.” Pointing out that Sam cold-heartedly shot Jake multiple times, something he probably wouldn’t have done before. Azazel is going to shoot Dean but John’s spirit appears and grabs him from behind. Dean is able to get the Colt and shoot Azazel in the chest.

So even though Azazel dies here everything he set up to free Lucifer is going to impact the next 3 seasons heavily.

The Master Plan

So the whole point of what Azazel has set up is to free Lucifer, and wreck humanity to destroy what God created. He makes his army of special children because the final seal to Lucifer’s cage requires a psychic child to kill Lilith. The plan was then to groom the one who survived into breaking the final seal and being Lucifer’s Vessel.

I don’t know if he knew Sam was the true vessel of Lucifer. If he did I don’t think he would have been as careless as he was. Or maybe he knew Sam was and that Dean would sell his soul if he died – continuing the tradition of Winchesters who sell their souls to bring loved ones back. He needed a righteous man in hell to break and torture souls to break the first Seal. Which is why he wanted John in Hell, though as we know John never broke.

The second part of his plan was the creation of the croatoan virus. The Virus was to be released before the Battle between Michael and Lucifer. Even if Michael won, the virus still would have corrupted humanity. Or turned them into raving zombies anyway, it was brilliant really.

When you really break Azazel’s character down he is the antithesis to John’s character. They are both dedicated to their respective missions (Azazel was dedicated to the plan of releasing Lucifer; John was dedicated to hunting and killing Azazel). Personality-wise, Azazel and John are both very controlling (many of the demons have said that Azazel was a tyrannical leader in Hell, while Sam and Dean have often said John was controlling and strict.) Azazel hates humans and enjoys inflicting pain on them, while John despises demons and monsters and enjoys hunting and killing them. Azazel and John are vengeful (Azazel is vengeful for his eternal damnation, while John is vengeful because Azazel killed his wife and cursed his entire family for life.)

So Azazel makes it into the number 2 spot for being a master strategist, and the one who puts into motion the whole story we all love so much. Let me know what you think in the comments section, I would love to know your thoughts and opinions.

-SuperwhovianFreak Out

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